My bucket list for next 7 years

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, most of people aim to lose weight, quit smoking, do more exercise … or something else, mostly health-related. Well, I have been a good girl for years now and I am well aware that healthy lifestyle is a journey, not just something you promise to yourself (and usually fail) every year 😉 Instead of making resolutions, I decided to come up with a bucket list of 7 destinations I want to visit and 7 activities I want to do in the next 7 years. As I mentioned in my post about my travel favorites, my goal is not to visit all countries in the world, but it is pretty damn close. And since I am not getting any younger, I need to set my priorities straight – after all, I am limited with resources and time; I have a real job and someone has to pay for my trips. My bucket list will also help me stay motivated, disciplined and focused on my travel goals in the future. And, 7 is a lucky number, right? 😉 So, here it goes:

1. BORA BORA – a group of islands in Tahiti with breathtaking beaches, nature and resorts. Just take a look at the photo above and say nothing else.

What has been keeping me away so far: Well, first of all, it is pretty damn far – it would take me a few days just to travel there and back from Slovenia. Secondly, if I am to travel a few days, I need to spend at least a week there, if not 10 days. I mean, seriously, what would I do there for 10 days? And last but not the least; if I want to enjoy one of the resorts in Bora Bora, I need a sponsor or two. Any collaboration requests, por favor?

2. PHILIPPINES – The country with thousands of islands in the Pacific Ocean. I can’t even begin to describe why… beaches, caves, lakes, whales, mountains… seems like Philippines have it all.

What has been keeping me away so far: Honestly, I don’t know which island to pick – everyone talks about Palawan and Boracay, I was also checking out Cebu and Bohol, and on the other hand I would like to go somewhere “virgin”, with not too many tourists. Got any ideas?

3. TANZANIA OR SOUTH AFRICA – African beauties, known especially for their diverse wildlife. I am crazy about lions and I want to see them in their nature habitat (not only in zoo, like the one above from Singapore).

What has been keeping me away so far: The reason is somehow similar to previous one – I can’t imagine going to safari for more than 5 days, and to travel that far I would need to combine my visit with something else. People usually visit Tanzania together with Zanzibar, but the island somehow doesn’t seem like my cup of tea. Well, I guess I will need to make a compromise… or visit South Africa instead?


4. AUSTRALIA – I believe the land down under, doesn’t need any introduction. Australia is full of natural wonders, gorgeous beaches and sharks, which I am obsessed with. Ok, New Zealand would do fine as well.

What has been keeping me away so far: It is very far and 14 days (which is the most I can afford in my current job position) is not nearly enough to see it all. So I guess I need to either wait for my retirement or a miracle. I prefer the latter.

5. COLOMBIA – You watched Narcos, right? So, Medellin, Colombian landscape and Carribean coastline.

What has been keeping me away so far: My boyfriend is affraid to go there, so I need to convince him it is perfectly safe. Keep your fingers crossed 😉 By the way, the same goes for Panama!

6. SCOTLAND – Northern part of the UK with the language no one understands. Or Ireland as an alternative. Why Scotland? Nature and castles. Getting drunk with locals is also not a bad idea.

What has been keeping me away so far: I’ve got only one word for you here and it is weather.

7. BRAZIL – The land of football, rain forest, carnivals and million miles of beaches. I want to see Rio, the gorgeous beaches of Fernando de Noronha and everything in between.  

What has been keeping me away so far: I am kind of saving myself for Brazil until I am ready for it. Which means to have enough time for planning and traveling. Because Brazil is fucking huge.

And when speaking of my bucket list of activities, I will just list them and not bother you with “why and why not” details:

  1. Swimming with sharks in Belize or Cayman islands
  2. Hiking the trail to Havasu falls (photo above from NY Times)
  3. Swimming with pigs in Bahamas
  4. Swimming with whale sharks (lots of places to do that)
  5. Cuddling Komodo dragons
  6. Smelling lavender fields in Provence
  7. See the Great wall of China and Machu Picchu (I cheated here, I know, but it is my blog and I make the rules 😉 )

Well, I think these 7 + 8 will have to do for the next 7 years, especially since I want to visit some of the countries I’ve been to at least once more. Santa, if you are reading this, you know that Maldives, Seychelles and New York are always a good idea, right? 😉

What is on your bucket list? Got some tips for me about my travel goals? Should I skip anything and switch for something else instead? Scroll down and drop me a line in comments.

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I love New York

The capital of the world. Big Apple. The city that never sleeps. Melting pot. The door to freedom and hope for many immigrants. And the city of disappointments for a lot of people who don’t cope with its challenges. New York. You either love it or hate it. But first of all, you need to feel its pulse to have an opinion. So, are you ready to visit New York and don’t know where to begin? How to reach Manhattan, where to book a hotel, how much it will all cost you? And, most importantly, top things to see in New York if you are in the city for 5 days? You came to the right place, I am a New York City addict and I got some helpful tips for you 😉

New York vs New York City vs Manhattan

First of all, let us clear the situation with the names: New York is a state, New York City is one of the cities in this state and Manhattan is one of the boroughs in this city. New York City (shorter NYC) comprises 5 boroughs: Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan. So, when people (even me) say they want to “visit New York”, they usually refer to Manhattan, which is the most popular and populated borough. That doesn’t mean that others are boring or not worth the visit, but let’s be honest – most of the people come to New York for around 5 days and this is not nearly enough to even see everything in Manhattan.

When is the best time to visit New York

As for every big city and popular tourist destination my advice is: don’t visit New York during high season, unless you enjoy the crowds and don’t mind high airfare and hotel rates. People, especially families, love to visit Manhattan during summer vacation (July – August), and around Thanksgiving-New Year holiday season (November – December), so it is wise to avoid traveling to New York in that period.  If you absolutely need to visit New York during holidays, book well in advance but keep in mind that summer in NYC can be hot and suffocating as hell. That said, I believe the best time to visit New York is from April to May and from September to early November when the weather is pleasant but the tourist crowds are not overwhelming.

Documents and other things to take and not to take with you

Tourists need ESTA and a valid passport for a short term visit to the USA.  ESTA is an automated electronic system that determines the eligibility of visitors to travel to the States under the Visa Waiver Program. You can apply for ESTA online (for Slovene citizens it costs 14$), no less than 72 hours before your departure, and it is valid for 2 years. I suggest you print the confirmation because you will need to show it at the airport (you cannot check-in without it). You also need to have your hotel or accommodation address for entering the US. And last, but not the least, make sure you have a good travel health insurance to cover the costs of medical care in case you happen to end up in hospital. Medical care in the USA is known to be crazy high.

Besides the documents and credit cards (Mastercard is accepted everywhere), check if you need a power plug adapter or voltage converter in the USA. Their power plugs and sockets are of type A and B and the easiest way to check if you need one is to click here. Apart from that I suggest you travel light because you will probably do a lot of shopping – my advice is to bring your suitcase as empty as possible. Shopping in the USA is much more fun when dollar rate is down (speaking from European point of view), however if you shop for local brands like Guess, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, you will still be able to make some very good deals.

In the end, let me just warn you that you shouldn’t bring food, especially fruits, vegetables and meat products into the USA. I almost cried the first time I came to New York, when I had to throw away a whole bag of apples at the customs inspection.


How to get to and around Manhattan

If you are coming to New York by plane, you will probably land in JFK – the biggest and busies airport in the state. You can read more about how to get from JFK to Manhattan in this post. Manhattan is actually an island, surrounded by Hudson, Harlem and East River; connected with other boroughs by bridges and tunnels. It is organized very simply; however, you need to understand the difference between streets and avenues to be able to get around like a pro. The most basic thing to remember is that avenues run north and south while streets run east and west. Most streets and avenues only accommodate one-way traffic (I repeat, most but NOT all), which is also very convenient for pedestrians when crossing the street. Manhattan is organized like a giant grid, with 5th avenue as the “central avenue” (separating East from West) and locations are mostly referred as “”123 West 3rd street”, which means that the place is located in the 3rd street west of 5th avenue. If you want to really go into details, check out this post from Andrew.

Where to book a hotel in Manhattan

New York is expensive and hotel rates are no exception. It is also quite important in my opinion to choose a good location where you will be staying. If your budget is limited to less than 100$ per night, you can always go for hostels or shared rooms, which I heard can be a very decent option. Or, you can search for rooms outside Manhattan – for example Queens (especially Astoria or Long Island City) is known to be one of the safest boroughs and you can easily reach it by subway (you will be using it anyway so no biggy if you get off a few stations later). Motels and cheaper hotels cost around 150$ per night, and if you want more comfort, count on 200$ plus per night. If you’re not on a tight budget, you’re best off staying off in Midtown or the Village since both locations make sightseeing easiest. Keep in mind that all advertised prices are without tax and mostly without breakfast included. To avoid high add-ons for breakfast I suggest you rather eat outside, because there are plentiful of decent eateries on every corner. When deciding where to stay in Manhattan, I suggest you pick a hotel near the subway station. You can thank me later.

Saving tip: use this link on to get 15€ off your next hotel booking.  

Safety in New York

A lot of people are afraid to visit USA because of the high crime rate, however New York City is one of the safest cities in the USA.  Though it might sound crazy, especially to us Europeans, Americans call “less than 300 murders per year” a success.  To be honest, with all those sexy NYPD guys standing on every corner of the city, I never felt unsafe in Manhattan. I would however suggest you to avoid walking the parks at night, or joining protest meetings and crowds which are easy targets for potential crimes, and of course to watch your belongings. As far as the dangerous neighborhoods are concerned, I read that parts of Harlem (especially north from 125th street), Bronx, Brooklyn, Union Square and Koreatown have higher crime rates so it is wise to take this into consideration when booking a hotel in NYC.

Visiting New York for 5 days

I have visited New York 5 times and as much as I love the city, I have to say that 5 days is enough to see the most popular sights, do some shopping and feel the pulse of the city without going bankrupt. Just do some research, organize well and set your priorities. The biggest challenge is logistics – as I mentioned in my post about “getting around Manhattan”, you will do a lot of walking, the distances between popular places are quite challenging and you also need to know that subway stations are not on every corner (plus, you need to transfer between lines a lot). But, if you follow my 5 days in New York itinerary, and if your travel style is similar to mine, you should be just fine. The city never sleeps, so you can catch up some things at night as well. After all, you are on vacation, you will sleep when you get back home, right? 😉

Approximate travel costs for visiting New York:

  • plane ticket – return from Europe: 400$ is very good price, average around 700$
  • hotel room: from 50$ (hostels) to 200$ +
  • street food – hot dogs, tacos, burgers: around 5$
  • coffee – cappuccino: around 4$
  • cocktails: 10 – 15$
  • entrance fees: from 20 – 40$ (consider buying NY CityPass for 126$)
  • light lunch: around 20$ per person
  • subway – metro card: 32$ per 7 days unlimited rides
  • tips (this is very important!): at least 10% in restaurants, bars, for services in general
  • also note that all displayed prices are always without tax! (around 8,8%)

Got any questions or suggestions? Scroll down for comments, I will be happy to read them all!

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5 days in New York – Things to see in Manhattan

Before you start planning your trip to New York you need to know how many days you can afford, what are your sightseeing priorities and how much money you are willing to spend. For most of people 5 days in New York are just about enough to feel the city – after that you either become a New York addict like me and want to return as soon as possible, or you check it from your bucket list and move on. Also, if you only have a weekend or 3 days to spend – New York is ALWAYS a good idea. Skip a thing or two from my suggested itinerary, spend a few hours less in Macy’s and you will be ok 😉


If you want to surprise your significant other for her or his birthday, or maybe even plan a romantic proposal, NYC is definitely the right choiceto do that. This is a suggested itinerary for 5 days in New York, so not everything may be your cup of tea. I have gathered the most interesting sights by their location, and if you want to change something, try to do it within one neighborhood not to waste too much time with transport.

DAY ONE – For the first day I suggest you go to Battery park and take the ferry to see the famous Statue of Liberty and Ellis island (the ferry ride costs 18.50 $ per person + 3 $ to access the crown, tickets must be purchased in advance). Go there early to avoid the crowds, otherwise prepare to wait in long lines. While the Statue of Liberty is very photogenic from all angles, Ellis island gives you a vivid insight of the immigrant experience in the Great Hall building, which represented the “door to the new world” between 1892 and 1954 for over 12 million immigrants from all over the world. Not far from Battery Park you will find 9/11 Memorial – a park with 2 large fountains commemorating the victims of the attacks along with an extensive museum. The famous WTC twins which were crushed during the terrorist attack have been replaced with a new skyscraper called One World Trade Center – with 541 meters it has become the tallest building in the USA. Of course, you don’t want to miss the iconic charging bull, the symbol of Wall Street and NY Stock Exchange. It’s just a building, but most tourists want to see where all those bankers destroyed the economy. Across the street you will find the impressive Federal Hall with a giant statue of George Washington, first American president. Another building worth seeing is Trinity Church – one of the oldest churches in America, built in gothic style. Shopaholics will be happy to hear that a huge department store Century 21, known for good deals of designer clothes, shoes and accessories, is also in the neighborhood. I wouldn’t plan anything else for this day – trust me, it is a lot of walking and it is a high chance you will end up holding bunch of shopping bags in your hands.

DAY TWO – Head towards Central park, one of the most beautiful city parks in the world. The park is huge and if you want to enjoy everything that it offers, you can easily spend the whole day in it. Central park comprises 843 acres of meadows, lakes, walkways, playgrounds, and even a small zoo. There is also the famous Strawberry Fields, a memorial to legendary John Lennon, who was killed just across the street from Central park. Grab a picnic basket or some street food before entering the park, sit on the grass and do what New Yorkers do on weekends – enjoy the tranquility of the park and breathe in the fresh air in the middle of the concrete jungle. Keep in mind that most of the famous New York museums are located on the edges of Central park. I am not much of a museum type of person (I walked trough MoMA in less than one hour), and even if you are not either, I still suggest you to see the 3 most important ones at least from the outside: The Met is one of the biggest museums in the world with a wide array of art, historical artifacts, photographs, and other exhibits (entrance fee 25 $); the cylindrical Guggenheim museum is home to a renowned collection of impressionist, post-impressionist, early modern, and contemporary art (entrance fee 22 $); and MoMA with lots of modern art and some vivid impressionist art (entrance fee: 25 $).


DAY THREE – Time to see Manhattan from above. Visit the iconic Empire State Building, one of my favorite buildings in the world. With 102 stories it used to be the highest in the world until 1972. Its art deco rooftop can be seen from almost everywhere so it can also serve you as your orientation – Empire State Building is located in the corner of 34th street and 5th avenue. The view from the top is indeed breathtaking and only this was you can get a real feel for how densely populated New York is. (price 38 $). At this point it is worth to mention that you can also buy City Pass, which covers 6 main attractions and costs 126 $ per adult. If you want to see them all, it is well worth it. Shopaholics will find the true value of 34th street in one of the world’s largest department stores – famous Macy’s. With 9 stories and everydays’ special deals you will probably spend a few hours there, so again try not to plan too much of sightseeing for this day. Not to mention that fabulous Victoria’s Secret store is just across the street. Buy yourself a coffee and some magazines, sit in the park nearby and have some patience for your lady. She will be back, sooner or later.

DAY FOUR – If you are planning to propose, this is the day. Walk across the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge and enjoy the wonderful sights of the city. Every time I walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, I am always amazed by its impressive structure. When you get to the other side, turn left towards the Manhattan Bridge – it is far less crowded and it offers spectacular panoramic views of NYC skyline. Walk all the way to the riverside and right below the Manhattan bridge you will find Pebble Beach, a cute and quiet place with fantastic views of the city. And here, my dear friends, is a perfect opportunity to fall on your knees. Even if you have other plans, take a moment to relax here because you need to walk back to Manhattan, and your feet is probably killing you by now. You can close the day in one of the neighborhoods with fantastic food, like Little Italy or SoHo.

DAY FIVE – Don’t plan too much for day 5 and just go with the flow. Shopaholics will probably want to catch some last-minute deals, other might want to see a museum or take a boat ride on Hudson river. I would also suggest you to see the Rockefeller Center to see where they film The Today Show and take the elevator to the Top of the Rock observation deck for another bird’s-eye view of the city. In my opinion this option is even better for seeing Manhattan from above, because you can catch a very nice view of Central park and you get to photograph Empire State Building as well.


New York is fun for all generations and if your kids are old enough to walk a lot, go for it. Children below 12 years often have free admissions, and most of the attractions mentioned above are also suitable for them. If you are visiting New York with kids, you definitely need to take them to the American Museum of Natural History. (also famous for the Night at the Museum movies). You will need a couple of hours to see all the exhibits on nature, human history, and marine life. Also, don’t miss the section on space at the Hayden Planetarium (price: 23 $ adults and 13 $ children). The other interesting place to visit with kids, which is also included in CityPass, is Interpid Sea, Air and Space museum located on the real aircraft carrier Intrepid.


New York never sleeps and the city has a special charm at night. Even if you are tired of playing tourist all day, don’t miss the night pulse of the Times Square. Sit on the famous stairs and blend in with other tourists, making selfies and watching other tourists. If you want to see a Broadway show, you can find the discounted theater tickets at the TKTS booths (located in 47th street, South Street Seaport and downtown Brooklyn) for shows that day. But be prepared for long waiting lines. If you are a party animal Manhattan is the place for you. It is crowded with bars and night clubs (some of them need reservations), but be prepared to stretch your wallet. I am sorry I don’t have any tips for night owls, because every time I visit New York, I pass out from walking and shopping right after dinner (if I even get that far). I call it being pleasantly tired. And I love to sleep a lot, so I can enjoy the next day in New York even more <3

How do you like my 5 days in New York itinerary? What would you leave out or add to? Scroll down for comments!

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Traffic in New York City – How to get around Manhattan

Most of people come to New York City by plane and then wonder how to get to Manhattan from JFK, whether to rent a car, buy a Metro card or hire a Taxi. You have several options of transport; however, it is also good to know how to get around Manhattan later on. In this post you will find out that driving a car in Manhattan is not such a good idea, that calling a taxi is not that sexy as you might expect from the movies and that using metro can be both fun and a nightmare if you don’t read the city map carefully.

Getting from JFK to Manhattan

The cheapest option to get from JFK to Manhattan is by Subway (Metro). Unfortunately, it is also the longest one and can cause a headache or two if you don’t plan your trip carefully. First of all, you need to take AirTrain from JFK to Jamaica station – for this you need to buy a special card which costs 5$. From there on you take a Subway to Manhattan (you can either buy one-way ticket for 3$ or weekly MetroCard for 32$ in one of the machines) but before you do that, find your hotel on the map so that you know when to get off or transfer. The whole metro ride from JFK to Manhattan can take from one hour to hour and a half, depending on where your hotel is located. If you want a hassle-free option and you are not on a budget, take a Taxi which will cost you around 52$ (the so-called fixed rate doesn’t include tips and extras for rush hours). Uber is also a good and slightly cheaper option, especially if your hotel is located in the lower Manhattan.

Using Subway in Manhattan

Trust me, even if you have never taken a bus or subway in your life, you will want to (or need to) use Subway in NYC. First of all, taking Subway is the cheapest way to get around Manhattan and second, busy streets of New York can cause massive traffic jams. As I mentioned above, the smartest thing to do is buy a MetroCard (especially if you are in the city for at least 5 days) which allows you limitless rides to all lines (also to Brooklyn or Queens) for 7 consecutive days. At first, the Subway map will seem like a huge maze, but you will be able to handle it in a day or two. What you need to know is which entrance you need for the direction that you are headed: it usually says “uptown” or “downtown”. If you are not sure, check the map what is the final destination. The other thing worth paying attention to is express vs. regular subway train: don’t use the express train unless you are sure that it is going to stop off where you want it to. While the regular train stops at all stops on the map, the express one will skip around half of them.


New York Taxi

Opposite of the impression you might have gotten from Hollywood movies, hiring a so-called Yellow Cab is not always a walk in the park. Besides from getting stuck in traffic jams (sometimes, walking is even faster!) New York taxis can be quite expensive (don’t forget you need to tip the driver every time at least 10 – 15%). Plus, it can be hard to get a taxi in rush hours – if you see a cab with no light on, it means that is full and it won’t stop even if you throw a bag of money at it.

Driving a car in Manhattan

If you are thinking of renting a car in Manhattan, don’t. Except for the obvious reasons (imagine driving a slalom around all those crazy tourists who absolutely need to take selfies in the middle of the street), parking in New York City is very expensive. Not to mention the cost of crossing bridges which you can’t really avoid. If you do come to New York city by car, the smart thing to do is to park somewhere in Brooklyn or New Jersey and get to Manhattan by using Subway.

Walking around Manhattan

Regardless if you take Subway, Taxi, Uber or your own car, you will walk in Manhattan A LOT. So, a very good advice here would be: don’t walk everywhere. Although you are fit as a fiddle and think that walking is a good idea, know that Manhattan’s streets and sights that seem “just around the corner” – can be deceptive, so in the end your feet will kill you if you don’t kill them first. Not to mention how many miles a woman can collect just simply passing through Macy’s 😉

I hope you got the picture of the traffic and transport situation in Manhattan, so you can plan your visit to New York carefully. I also hope I didn’t scare you – it is not that painful as it sounds. After all, what is the worst that can happen? A few blisters in your feet or getting on the train in the wrong direction… at least you will have some fun stories to tell to your friends 😉

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Potovanje v New York – kaj si ogledati v 5 dneh (3. del)

Odločitev je padla, dopust je rezerviran, letalska karta in hotel v New Yorku sta plačana. Sledi torej »samo« še načrtovanje vašega obiska Velikega jabolka. Kaj si boste ogledali v New Yorku, je seveda odvisno od vaših želja, družbe, števila dni in proračuna. Kot sem že omenila v prejšnjih dveh člankih, je za potovanje v New York dovolj že nekaj dni, če se dobro organizirate. V tem zadnjem zapisu pa bom skušala zajeti, kaj si lahko ogledate, če boste v New Yorku preživeli 5 dni ali pa zgolj podaljšan vikend

New York v dvoje

Če želite svojo drago presenetiti za rojstni dan, obletnico ali morda celo zaroko (ah, kolikokrat bom še to napisala 😉 ), je potovanje v New York zagotovo prava izbira. Prvi dan pojdita do Battery Parka in se vkrcajta na trajekt, ki pelje do znamenitega kipa svobode. Vožnja s trajektom vključuje tudi obisk sosednjega otoka Ellis Island, kjer je še vedno ohranjena stavba, ki je med leti 1892 in 1954 predstavljala vrata v »novi svet« za več kot 12 milijonov migrantov z vsega sveta. V bližini Battery parka stoji spomenik 9/11 – na mestih, kjer sta včasih stala znamenita dvojčka WTC, sta vkopani dve ogromni kvadratni »jami« iz črnega granita. Vanju se z vseh strani zlivajo slapovi, kot bi voda spirala žalost za žrtvami terorističnega napada leta 2001. Dvojčka je pred 5 leti nedaleč stran nadomestila nova stolpnica One World Trade Center, ki je s 541 metri postala najvišja stavba v ZDA. Sprehodite se še po ulici Wall Street, mimo znamenitega bronastega bika, mogočne zvezne dvorane Federal Hall, pred katero stoji ogromen kip prvega ameriškega predsednika Georgea Washingtona, čudovite episkopalne cerkve Svete Trojice Trinity church in pa ogromne veleblagovnice Century 21, znane po ugodnih cenah dizajnerskih blagovnih znamk oblačil in modnih dodatkov. Če vama čas in noge dopuščajo, se sprehodita še do ikoničnega pomola Pier 16, s katerega se odpira romantičen pogled na Brooklynški most in reko Hudson.

Drugi dan se sprehodita skozi Central park, ki je prava paša za oči in oaza miru sredi mestne džungle. Park, ki se razprostira na kar 341 hektarih, je s 40 milijoni obiskovalcev letno najbolj obiskan ameriški mestni park. Če si želite v miru ogledati vse njegove kotičke (v parku je kar 7 jezerc, manjši živalski vrt, številna športna in otroška igrišča ter seveda slavni Strawberry Fields, spomenik legendarnemu Beatlu Johnu Lennonu, ki je bil ubit čez cesto) boste v njem zlahka prebili ves dan. S seboj lahko vzameta prigrizke ali kakšno »hitro kosilo«, in ga pojesta bodisi na eni izmed številnih klopic, ali pa kar na travi, kot to radi počnejo Newyorčani ob vikendih. Vzdolž Central parka so razvrščeni številni muzeji in tudi, če nista ljubitelja umetnosti, si jih oglejta vsaj od zunaj –impresivni Guggenheimov muzej je vsekakor atrakcija že kot stavba sama.

Tretji dan je čas, da se povzpneta na znamenito Empire State Building, ki je bila s svojimi 102 nadstropji do leta 1972 najvišja stavba na svetu. Njeno konico, ki se vzpenja nad streho v značilnem art deco slogu, boste zaradi višine videvali kar pogosto in vam lahko služi tudi kot orientacija v mestu. Empire State Building stoji na križišču 34. ulice in 5 avenije. Šele z njene razgledne ploščadi boste dobili pravi občutek, sredi kakšne betonske džungle ste se dejansko znašli. In Manhattan je s ptičje perspektive preprosto fantastičen. Pozor, na isti ulici se nahajata dve romarski središči za vse nakupovalne odvisneže, zato za ta dan ne načrtujte dodatnih ogledov. V veleblagovnici Macy’s, ki je z 9 nadstropji in dobrimi 230.000 m2 ena izmed največjih na svetu, lahko marsikdo prebije tudi ves dan. Kot da to še ni dovolj, vas čez cesto čaka slavna prodajalna s spodnjim perilom Victoria’s Secret. Že sam sprehod skozi trgovino je paša za oči, zato moškim resnično polagam na srce: usedite se v bližnji park, kupite si kakšno revijo in bodite potrpežljivi. Vaša draga se bo slej ko prej vrnila.

Četrti dan si rezervirajte za sprehod skozi Brooklyn Bridge, ki velja za enega izmed najbolj legendarnih mostov na svetu. Tega se seveda zavedajo vsi turisti, zato pričakujte ogromno gnečo, ki je lahko, tudi zaradi mimo vozečih kolesarjev, precej kaotična. A brez skrbi, razgledi na mesto, reko in v daljavi tudi kip svobode, poplačajo vso jezo, ki jo boste morda želeli stresti nad sotrpini. Marsikdo pa ne ve, da je sprehod skozi Manhattan Bridge, ki se nahaja vzporedno s svojim slavnejšim »kolegom«, mnogo manj stresen in prav tako ponuja čudovite, če ne še lepše poglede na newyorški »Skyline«. Pojdite vse do obrežja reke East River, tik pod mostom se namreč nahaja peščeni zalivček Pebble Beach, ki je pogosto popolnoma prazen in si vzemite čas za oddih. Če ste se odločili, da padete na kolena, je tu morda ena izmed priložnosti 😉 Z manhattanškega mosta se lepo vidi tudi Kitajska četrt, ki je zaradi gneče in bolj umazanih ulic sicer manj prijetnejši del mesta. Ogled lahko zaključite v četrti Little Italy, v kateri boste našli ogromno restavracij z resnično dobro italijansko hrano, ali pa v malce bolj mondenem SoHu, za katerega so značilne pisane stavbe in številni butiki.

Najbolje je, da za zadnji peti dan ne delate načrtov, ampak se preprosto izgubite po ulicah Manhattna. Marsikdo si bo zaželel dodatnih nakupov, umetniške duše bodo verjetno zavile v še kak muzej, vmes pa se bo zagotovo našlo še kakšno presenečenje. Priporočam vam še obisk Rockefellerjeve stolpnice, ki v svojem preddverju gosti številne trgovine, restavracije in umetnine, z vrha pa boste lahko videli New York še v malce drugačni luči. Meni osebno je Rockefellerjeva razgledna ploščad ljubša izbira, saj ponuja zelo jasen pogled na Central park, hkrati pa tudi na ikonično Empire State Building.


Potovanje v New York z otroki

New York je vsekakor primeren za vse generacije, vendar vam priporočam, da z družinskim obiskom počakate vsaj do takrat, ko bodo otroci lahko samostojno premagovali daljše razdalje (tako z letalom kot peš po mestu). Poleg že omenjenih znamenitosti, bi za otroke še posebej priporočala Ameriški prirodoslovni muzej, ki vključuje planetarij in 45 dvoran z več milijoni vrst rastlin, živali, fosilov, mineralov, meteoritov in okostij, in pa »upokojeno« letalonosilko, na kateri je muzej ameriške vojaške in mornarske zgodovine Interpid Sea, Air and Space museum. Sicer pa bodo tudi otroci težko ostali ravnodušni, ko se boste sprehajali mimo trgovin, zato kar pripravite načrt, kako boste krotili njihove apetite. Trgovin z LEGO kockami in Disneyevih nakupovalnih centrov v Manhattnu res ne manjka.

Namig: Če si želite ogledati vse naštete znamenitosti, se vam splača kupiti karto CityPASS (126$ za odrasle in 10$$ za otroke), s katero boste prihranili 42% denarja, ki bi ga plačali za naslednje atrakcije: Empire State Building (vključuje 2 obiska v istem dnevu), Ameriški prirodoslovni muzej, Metropolitanski muzej umetnosti, Rockefeller center ALI Guggenheim muzej, vožnjo s trajektom do otoka Ellis in Liberty s kipom svobode, muzej 9/11 ALI Muzej ameriške vojaške in mornarske zgodovine. Če pa si želite kip svobode ogledati zastonj, pa se vkrcajte na trajekt, ki pelje do otoka Staten Island – vožnja je brezplačna.

Nočni New York

New York je mesto, ki nikoli ne spi in v soju tisočerih nočnih luči ima Manhattan prav poseben čar. Usedite se na stopnice sredi trga Times Square, ki velja za središče Manhattna, in z ostalimi turisti opazujte dogajanje in številne svetlobne panoje s kičastimi reklamami in napovedniki za najnovejše filme. Če vas zanima ogled katere izmed predstav na Broadwayu, lahko cenejše vstopnice najdete v kiosku TKTS na 47. ulici, vendar se kar pripravite na dolge čakalne vrste. Za tiste, ki ste željni zabave, nočnih klubov na Manhattnu seveda ne manjka. A tu vas moram razočarati. Še vsakokrat sem bila od dnevnih ogledov tako utrujena, da zvečer dlje kot do sedenja na že omenjenih stopnicah in ogleda ene gledališke predstave nisem prišla. Ampak to je tista prijetna utrujenost. New York te namreč popolnoma prevzame.

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Potovanje v New York – Kako se znajti v mestu (2. del)

Legendarni Frank Sinatra je o New Yorku prepeval »Če mi lahko uspe tam, mi bo uspelo kjerkoli«. A brez skrbi, Frank ni govoril o logističnih izzivih. S turističnega vidika je New York namreč precej prijazna destinacija, ki jo lahko osvojite v nekaj dneh. Če boste v New Yorku le za kratek čas, pa ne bo odveč nekaj nasvetov, kako načrtovati vaše potovanje in kako se znajti v mestu. 

Z letališča do Manhattna

Največje newyorško letališče je John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) in večina mednarodnih letov pristane na njem. Po opravljeni identifikaciji na carini (naj spomnim, za vstop v ZDA potrebujete ESTO, o čemer sem pisala že v tem prispevku) imate za prevoz do Manhattna več možnosti. Najcenejša, a hkrati tudi najbolj zamudna, je vožnja s podzemno železnico oziroma metro (Subway). Najprej morate uporabiti »AirTrain«, ki vas pripelje z letališča do metroja, za karto pa boste odšteli 5$. Na izstopni postaji se nato presedete na metro, za katerega morate kupiti novo karto. Vožnja v eno smer stane 3$, večina turistov pa kar takoj kupi tedenski MetroCard (32$), ki omogoča neomejeno število voženj na katerikoli podzemni liniji. Druga možnost je taksi, ki sicer propagira »fiksno ceno« 52$ za vse prevoze z JFK do Manhattna, a morate na znesek prišteti še cestnino, takso, doplačilo za vožnjo v času največje gneče in 10 – 15% napitnino vozniku. Nekoliko cenejša opcija je Uber, katerega cena pa je odvisna od tega, kje se nahaja vaš hotel (vožnja do Times Squara stane okoli 60$).

Orientacija v mestu

New York City je eno izmed mest v zvezni državi New York, sestavlja pa ga 5 okrožij: Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn in Manhattan. Najbolj znan in za turiste najbolj zanimiv je seveda slednji, ki je tudi gospodarska, finančna in kulturna prestolnica mesta New York. Manhattan je v bistvu otok, ki ga obdajajo reke Hudson, Harlem in East River, z ostalimi soseskami pa je povezan z mostovi in predori. Organiziran je zelo preprosto, v obliki skoraj popolne mreže: vzdolž otoka so speljane avenije (njihove številke naraščajo od vzhoda proti zahodu, od 1 do 12, pri čemer imajo nekatere tudi dvojna poimenovanja), prečno pa ulice, ki naraščajo od juga proti severu, od 1 do 220. Pri orientaciji je najbolj pomembna 5. avenija, ki ločuje vzhod od zahoda. Če torej slišite »115 East 3rd street«, to pomeni, da gre za lokacijo na 3. ulici, vzhodno od 5. avenije. Zanimiv je tudi podatek, da je večina ulic enosmernih, kar pride zelo prav pešcem pri prečkanju ceste.

Podzemna železnica (metro)

V New Yorku boste skoraj zagotovo uporabljali podzemno železnico oziroma Subway, ki povezuje 4 soseske (razen otoka Staten Island, na katerega vozi trajekt). Manhattan je prepreden s 24 različnimi linijami, ki jih dnevno uporablja več kot 5 milijonov potnikov. Na prvi pogled se morda sliši kaotično, a z zemljevidom linij in poznavanjem osnovne orientacije jih boste hitro osvojili. Poleg tega, da morate vedeti, na kateri postaji izstopiti, je pomembno, da se postavite na pravo stran  – torej v tisto smer, kamor želite, sicer se lahko hitro zgodi, da se boste znašli na drugem koncu mesta. Karto za metro lahko kupite na avtomatu pred vstopom na postajo (če je niste kupili že na letališču). Glede na ogromno pretočnost potnikov in število nesreč (na newyorški podzemni se letno smrtno ponesreči okoli 50 ljudi), ne bo odveč, da vas opozorim na previdnost in osnovni bonton: prednost imajo potniki, ki izstopajo, znotraj metroja pa odstopite sedež starejšim. Pazite tudi na oznako »express« – občasno imajo nekatere linije tudi hitri vlak, ki lahko preskoči kar nekaj rednih postaj. Če niste povsem prepričani, kje bo ustavil, raje počakajte na redno linijo.

Newyorški taksi

Verjetno ga ni med vami, ki še ne bi slišal za slavni newyorški Yellow Cab. Vožnja z rumenim taksijem po Manhattnu (čeprav so v resnici na cestah tudi zeleni) se sicer sliši privlačno in udobno, a ima žal dve pomanjkljivosti: takrat, ko ga rabiš, ga je težko dobiti in pa zelo hitro se lahko zgodi, da boste obtičali v prometu. Promet v mestu je namreč zelo gost in če temu dodamo še občasne zapore cest ter zbegane turiste, ki se obnašajo, kot da avtomobili sploh ne obstajajo, boste hitro ugotovili, da bi na cilj prej prišli peš. Če se vseeno odločite, da boste uporabili taksi, se postavite na cesto in samozavestno dvignite roko. Ustavijo vam lahko le taksisti, ki imajo prižgano serijsko številko, kar pomeni, da so prazni. Štartnina stane 3,30$, cena se dviguje za 50 centov vsakih 300 metrov, prišteti pa morate še napitnino in dodatek za morebitne cestnine in tunele, če se boste peljali izven Manhattna. Ko boste klicali taksi na ulici, vedite, da vam lahko ustavi samo tisti, ki ima prižgano belo luč – to pomeni, da je prazen.

Napitnine in davki

Napitnine in davki v ZDA so nekaj, kar vas bo spremljalo na vsakem koraku, zato nekaj osnovnih pojasnil. V storitvenih dejavnostih, kjer so napitnine nekaj običajnega, imajo delodajalci pravico, da zaposlene plačajo precej pod minimalno plačo – v večini primerov samo toliko, da pokrijejo davke, torej njihova »plača« ne zadošča niti za osnovno preživetje. Najpogosteje je to v gostinstvu, kjer so običajne napitnine okoli 20% (ali manj, če s storitvijo niste bili zadovoljni). Če natakar pogosto prejema nizke napitnine, je to signal vodji, da ne dela dobro in ga lahko tudi odpusti. Poleg tega osebje napitnino razdeli med svoje sodelavce, saj vas včasih postreže več ljudi (nekdo pobere naročilo, nekdo prinese hrano, tretji pa račun). Zato raje dvakrat razmislite, preden »po slovensko« poberete ves vrnjeni drobiž in imejte nekaj dolarjev vedno pri roki. Napitnina se namreč pričakuje tudi, če plačuješ s kartico. Če ste v dvomih, komu dati napitnino, velja pravilo: vsakemu, ki za vas nekaj naredi. Poleg napitnin upoštevajte tudi dejstvo, da večina oglaševanih cen ne vključuje davka. Tako imenovani »sales tax« v mestu New York znaša okoli 8,8%, medtem ko je davek na prenočišča okoli 15%.


Hrana v New Yorku

Večina ob omembi ameriške hrane verjetno najprej pomisli na McDonalds, ocvrto hrano in kokakolo. Res je, tako imenovana hitra hrana je v ZDA dostopna na vsakem koraku in je tudi najcenejša opcija prehranjevanja. Za turiste je to lahko povsem sprejemljivo, saj ni nič narobe, če se en teden na leto malce pregrešimo. Poleg tega boste v New Yorku toliko prehodili, da boste zlahka pokurili odvečne kalorije. Poceni in slastni ulični obroki, kot so hot-dogi, gyrosi, tacosi in burgerji (med njimi se najdejo tudi vegetarijanski) stanejo okoli 5$, za pico ali špagete v cenejšem lokalu boste odšteli okoli 10$, medtem ko je hrana v malo bolj spodobnih restavracijah (ne pozabimo na napitnine) precej dražja kot pri nas. Naj omenim še to, da boste dobro kavo v New Yorku težko našli. Američani jo pijejo kar iz ogromnih papirnatih kozarcev, okus pa je daleč od tega, ki smo ga vajeni pri nas. Bolj kot kvaliteta, tam velja pravilo: večje je, boljše je. Če boste kavo naročili pri zajtrku, vam jo bodo dotočili celo brezplačno. Še najbolj presenetljivo pa je dejstvo, da je voda v New Yorku pitna, javne vodnjake, v katerih si lahko dotočite plastenko, pa boste našli v vsakem parku.


V New York se zlivajo množice z vsega sveta. Na Manhattnu živi okoli 1,6 milijona prebivalcev, ta številka pa se med delovnim tednom več kot podvoji, saj večina zaposlenih živi v sosednjih okrožjih, kjer so najemnine cenejše. Če prištejemo še množice turistov, ki dnevno derejo v Veliko jabolko, človek res težko loči med tem, kdo je pravi Newyorčan, kdo pa samo na začasnem obisku. V mestu boste našli vse rase in skoraj vse kulture tega sveta. Etnološka pestrost in pripadnost »originalni domovini« se kaže tudi v mestnih četrtih, ki so se oblikovale zaradi množičnega priseljevanja: v Little Italy boste našli slastne picerije in tudi kakšno spodobno kavo, v Harlemu so pretežno temnopolti prebivalci, Chinatown pa je raj za cenejše izdelke, kitajsko hrano in ugodna prenočišča. Newyorčani so sicer, vsaj na videz, zelo odprti ljudje. Če ne boste vedeli, kako se znajti v mestu, vam bodo z veseljem pomagali, če se boste izgubili ali jih vprašali za kak nasvet. Zelo prijazno je tudi osebje v trgovinah in skoraj na vsakem koraku boste slišali »Hi honey, how are you, how can I help you?«. Tudi na ulicah se hitro zgodi, da ti kdo reče: »Všeč mi je tvoj stil« ali »Wow, kako imaš lepo obleko«. Malenkost, ki ti polepša dan. In navada, ki bi jo z veseljem uvozila tudi v Slovenijo.

V zadnjem prispevku “trilogije” nasvetov Potovanje v New York pa preverite, kaj si ogledati v New Yorku v 5 dneh – v dvoje, s prijatelji, ali z otroki.


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Potovanje v New York – nasveti za začetnike (1. del)

New York je mesto številnih imen, turisti mu radi pravimo veliko jabolko, večini priseljencev predstavlja simbol svobode, nekaterim pa tudi mesto razočaranj. Tako kot vsako večje mesto, lahko tudi New York vzljubiš ali zasovražiš. Vendar ga moraš za to najprej doživeti. Razmišljate o “skoku čez lužo”, pa ne veste, kje začeti? Koliko stane letalska karta, kje rezervirati hotel in kako se znajti na Manhattnu? Če je potovanje v New York na spisku vaših želja, potem si preberite nasvete, ki vam bodo v pomoč pri načrtovanju vaše nove dogodivščine. 

Kdaj je najboljši čas za potovanje v New York

New York je eno najbolj obiskanih mest (in destinacij) na svetu, zato seveda velja, da se mu je najbolje izogniti v času državnih praznikov in počitnic. Nenazadnje je obisk New Yorka takrat tudi najdražji. Prav tako odsvetujem obisk mesta poleti, ko je v razgretem mestu (še posebej pa na podzemnih postajah) res težko dihati ter pozimi, ko lahko snežna neurja ohromijo promet in dogajanje v mestu. Za potovanje v New York sta pomlad in jesen vsekakor najboljša izbira.

Koliko stane letalska karta in kje jo kupiti 

Če ste lahko malce fleksibilni in če vam okoliščine dopuščajo, da lahko planirate več mesecev vnaprej, potem vam svetujem, da spremljate različne spletne portale (npr ali Skyscanner). Ko se pojavi priložnost, jo zgrabite z obema rokama. Ugodna akcija pomeni, da letalska karta stane pod 500 evrov na osebo. Seveda se da dobiti tudi karte za okoli 300 evrov, ampak take akcije so redke in večinoma gre za odhode z oddaljenih letališč. Sama raje izberem odhod iz Ljubljane, saj se s tem izognem dodatnim stroškom za cestnine, gorivo in parkirnino na letališču. Poleg tega so lahko nočni leti (potovanje v ZDA pomeni tudi veliko časovno razliko) zelo naporni in včasih se je po pristanku kar težko spraviti za volan in peljati več ur proti domu. Karte lahko kupite neposredno prek katerega od portalov (sama najpogosteje uporabljam Skyscanner in Expedio), če potujete prvič, pa razmislite o nakupu prek agencije, ki vam bo v pomoč pri morebitnih zapletih (izgubljena prtljaga, večje zamude leta itd.). Če potrebujete kak koristen kontakt ali pomoč pri rezervaciji karte, mi lahko pišete.

Turistična viza (ESTA) in zdravstveno zavarovanje

Za potovanje v New York (oziroma ZDA na splošno) potrebujete veljavni potni list in turistično vizo (ESTA), ki stane 14 dolarjev, pridobite in plačate pa jo kar prek spleta. Potrditev dobite zelo hitro (praviloma še isti dan), obrazec pa natisnite, saj ga boste morali pokazati na odhodnem letališču. Pri roki imejte še naslov vaše nastanitve v New Yorku, saj ga mora osebje letalske družbe ob “check-inu” vpisati. Toplo vam svetujem, da si uredite tudi zavarovanje za tujino, saj so stroški morebitnega zdravljenja v ZDA (tudi že najmanjših pregledov pri zdravniku) lahko izjemno visoki. Kako sem jih izkusila na lastni koži, lahko preberete tukaj.

Rezervacija prenočišča

New York je eno izmed najdražjih mest na svetu, a z malce iznajdljivosti in prilagajanja lahko vsak najde nekaj za svoj žep. Tisti z nizkim proračunom imate na voljo dve opciji: 1. bodisi najamete sobo izven Manhattna (npr. Queens in New Jersey veljata za relativno varna območja, do njiju pa lahko pridete brez težav s podzemno železnico), ali pa 2. rezervirate sobo v hostlu (večinoma gre za skupinska ležišča in kopalnice), za katero boste odšteli krepko pod 100 dolarjev na noč. Malce dražji so moteli (pozor, standardi tu niso ravno evropski in ne pričakujte primerljive kvalitete), pa seveda hoteli, za katere boste odšteli od 200 dolarjev dalje za nočitev brez zajtrka. Naj omenim, da so doplačila za zajtrk v ZDA kar visoka in verjetno se vam bolj splača jesti zunaj – ponudbe »zajtrk za 10$« je na ulicah dovolj (če niste zahtevni, pa lahko pojeste topel obrok tudi za manj denarja). Cene hotelov zelo variirajo tudi glede na “sezono” –  september je npr. znan po tem, da je zaradi nekaterih dogodkov (Fashion week, zasedanje ZN itd.) med dražjimi meseci. Pri končni izbiri bodite pozorni predvsem na to, da je v neposredni bližini postaja podzemne železnice, z vidika varnosti pa se raje izogibajte namestitvam severno od 130. ulice, torej v osrčju Harlema. Preverite ponudbo hotelov na – če boste hotel v New Yorku rezervirali preko te povezave, boste dobili 15€ popusta 😉


Kaj vzeti s sabo in česa ne smete prinesti v ZDA

Če imate namen kupovati (cene ameriških znamk oblačil in obutve so, kljub trenutno slabšemu tečaju, še vedno ugodnejše kot pri nas), potem pojdite v New York s čim bolj praznim kovčkom 😉 Če se sprašujete, kaj obleči za na pot in za raziskovanje mesta, naj vas ne skrbi – na ulicah New Yorka boste videli najbolj čudne modne kombinacije in prav nihče vas ne bo gledal postrani, če ne boste barvno usklajeni. Najpomembnejša je udobna obutev, saj boste OGROMNO prehodili. Poleg plačilne kartice in že omenjenih dokumentov vam svetujem, da s seboj vzamete tudi adapter, saj so ameriške vtičnice drugačne od evropskih. In pa pozor pri hrani – v ZDA ne smete prinesti določenega sadja, zelenjave in mesnih izdelkov.

Podaljšani vikend ali 5 dni v New Yorku – se splača?

Se, če se dobro organizirate in postavite prioritete. Vendar ne pozabite, da boste pri povratku izgubili en dan zaradi časovne razlike. Povprečen turist lahko v treh dneh obišče vse večje znamenitosti, seveda pa je vse odvisno od vaših navad in želja. “Shopaholiki” boste v Macy’s (najbolj znani veleblagovnici na svetu) lahko porabili tudi ves dan. Podobno velja za ljubitelje muzejev – teh je na Manhattnu ogromno. Največja izziva pri raziskovanju New Yorka sta logistika in čas, ki ga porabiš za premike. Postaje podzemne železnice niso ravno na vsakem koraku, poleg tega je treba pri prestopih med linijami hoditi včasih tudi po deset minut, da prideš na pravo postajo in potem še čakati na pravi vlak. Če prištejete še čas za orientacijo (niso redki, ki se zapeljejo v napačno smer), se lahko hitro zamudite.

Okvirni stroški potovanja v New York

O letalski karti in cenah hotelov sem že govorila, na tem mestu pa naj omenim, da so vse cene v dolarjih vedno brez davka, kar lahko na koncu znese tudi okoli 15% več, kot kaže na začetku. Tedenska karta za “Subway” (metro) stane 32 $ na osebo (ali 3 $ za eno vožnjo). Stroški prehrane so odvisni od vaših navad: na ulici lahko dobite dober hot dog, burger ali tortiljo za manj kot 5 $, če boste jedli v restavracijah pa računajte na najmanj 15 $ po osebi (opozarjam tudi na to, da je »zdrava« hrana v New Yorku dražja kot pri nas). Ne pozabite še na napitnine (vsaj 10%), ki se pričakujejo v vsakem, še tako »zakotnem« lokalu. Tudi vstopnine za glavne atrakcije so kar visoke, tako da se vam splača kupiti CityPASS – karto, ki vključuje 6 najpogosteje obiskanih znamenitosti in stane 126 $ za odrasle in 104 $ za otroke.

Je New York varen?

New York naj bi bil eno najvarnejših večjih mest v ZDA. Kriminal v New Yorku vsako leto upada (pred kratkim so prvič po 25 letih dočakali vikend brez streljanja),a vsekakor ne moremo mimo dejstva, da se je leta 2017 tam zgodilo 290 umorov. Američani temu pravijo »uspeh«, saj je številka prvič padla pod 300 umorov letno. Večinoma gre za tragedije in obračune med domačini in te stvari do turistov skoraj ne pridejo. Sama se v New Yorku še nikoli doslej nisem počutila neprijetno, saj policija dejansko stoji na vsakem koraku. Upoštevajte pravilo, da se ponoči ne hodi v parke in pa v nevarnejše četrti, kot so Harlem, Union Square in Koreatown ter nekatere predele Bronxa in Brooklyna. Izogibajte se množičnim shodom, ki so lažja tarča za morebitne napade. Tako kot v vsakem večjem mestu na svetu. Ampak, če bi razmišljali samo o tem, potem verjetno nikoli ne bi zapustili svojega doma, mar ne?

Drugi del članka, z nasveti “kako se znajti v New Yorku” lahko najdete tukaj. Ste že bili New Yorku in vas je kaj še posebej navdušilo? Imate še kakšno vprašanje ali komentar, ki bi ga radi delili z mano? Vaše komentarje lahko zapišete spodaj, z veseljem jih bom prebrala!

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