For most of the companies classical advertising is still a must, but in the end people need to trust your product or service before they make their final choice. In travel industry trust comes with ratings, reviews and references from real people. We all know that TripAdvisor is the number one source for travel tips, and yes, their ratings are important. However, by advertising your service there you are just one in a million. Instead, why not work with me? What I am offering you is a proactive collaboration with a personal experience. Which means, I do my homework carefully, I take my job seriously and I get my shit done properly.


I always add a personal touch to different destinations, trips, accommodations, means of transport and other travel related products and services. I write in English, to make sure that my posts reach as many people as possible. On top of that I sometimes adapt and translate my posts to Slovene for publishing in lifestyle magazines, daily newspapers and internet pages. You can check some of my media coverage examples here. My readers come from 87 countries, 40% of them are from Slovenia, visitors from the US come second (24%), UK third (5%), India fourth (3,5%) and Germany fifth (2%).


I offer different options of collaboration, and it all depends on the scope of the investment – both, yours and mine. All options are open, but most frequent are collaboration packages like: blog post, an honest review on TripAdvisor (where I am Hotel Expert level 17 contributor) and photos / stories in my social media accounts. Please keep in mind that my reviews are always honest and unbiased, so if you are having doubts about your services, I may not be the right person to work with.

  • Accommodations and hotels (Vuyani Safari Lodge, Anvaya Beach Resort Bali, Epacha lodge…)
  • Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, New York tourist office
  • Starline Tours, Los Angeles
  • Big Bus Paris and Rome
  • City Sightseeing Athens, Johannesburg, Cape Town
  • Tourist agency (Turistična agencija)
  • Sixt car rentals

For comments or suggestions about my travel blog, please use the contact form below or simply write to I will do my best to respond within 24 hours. You can also get my media kit presentation to learn more about me and my work.