Hotel Review: Casa Grande Mountain Retreat (Puerto Rico, USA)

We chose Casa Grande Mountain Retreat after we decided to head towards Batey Zipline Adventure park on our Puerto Rico road trip back in February 2012. After getting lost for several times (GPS somehow didn’t want to find the location) and arriving there in the middle of the night, we were pleasantly surprised by a welcome sign on our door with the instructions where to find the key. And that key made my Puerto Rico trip even more memorable.


I was sure that the situation with GPS had gotten better in the past 4 years, but apparently I was wrong 🙂 Check this out: “We do not recommend using a GPS to get to the retreat as GPS directions have been found to suggest more difficult and challenging roadways than the directions we provide”. Really funny – it brings back the memories of us wondering in the dark, back and forth, nervous as hell (we weren’t sure if anyone would wait for us as this isn’t a “normal” hotel with a reception), with no living soul to ask for directions. I still don’t know how we found it, so if you ever go there, make sure to check the instructions here. Anyway, like I said, Casa Grande Mountain Retreat is located in the central mountainous region of Puerto Rico (Utuado), in a valley between Dos Bocas and Caonillas Lakes, about 20 km away from Batey Zipline adventure park. A perfect getaway in the middle of nowhere.

Facilities and surroundings

The retreat itself looks very “natural”, as if it was just another part of the green nature and not a place built for tourism. The main hacienda has three separate spaces for dining: the interior room, the patio and the veranda with spectacular views across the valley and forests. Breakfast is not lavish, but still with enough choices to satisfy just about everyone.

Casa Grande also offers a very invigorating outside pool, which looks stunningly natural among the greens and flowers. Even just a view of the pool from your room makes the picture perfect.

Speaking of relaxation, the retreat still doesn’t offer Wi-fi, so do bring a book or (even better) some cozy sneakers for exploring the nature. Plenty to see just a few steps away from the hacienda.

Casa Grande has 5 wooden buildings supported by cement columns and each offers 4 rooms, so 20 in total. The rooms are very eco oriented but still offer everything you need for a comfortable stay. They are very cozy and clean, with private porches and hammocks for your afternoon rest.

Anda’s rate: 9.5 from 10

Bottom line: Casa Grande Mountain Retreat is like a piece of heaven, nested in the kingdom of nature. Although we only stayed for one night, it will stay in my memory forever. I am only rating it 9.5 because of no wi-fi, which can be disturbing if you spend there more than one day. But don’t mind me, I am an unrepentant social media addict and I need to keep you posted 24/4 😉

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Hotel review: Hotel Ponte Sisto Roma (Rome, Italy)

Ah, Rome. One of the most romantic cities in the world. We decided to spoil ourselves for the weekend, so we searched for a higher classed hotel with excellent guest reviews. We didn’t want any surprises so we booked hotel Ponte Sisto, which was rated as one of the best in the category of four star hotels.

Saving tip: If you book this hotel (or any other hotel / room for that matter) through this link you and I will both get 15€ pocket money for our travel 😉


Hotel Ponte Sisto has a very romantic location near Tibera river which offers a good starting point for sightseeing. It doesn’t offer a direct river view, as it is hidden in the narrow Via dei Pettinari street but it is literally steps away from Ponte Sisto bridge which leads to Trastevere.

The closest metro station is around 2 km away, so this can be a small turnoff if you are arriving to Rome by public transport and carrying a lot of luggage. In this case I recommend renting a taxi, which turned out to be cheaper than Uber. We didn’t mind stretching our legs because Rome has so much to offer. For example you can reach Campo di Fiori in 5 minutes, Piazza Navona in 10 and Pantheon in 20 minutes’ walk.

The interior of the hotel is in a vintage style, however it doesn’t give you the impression of being old. Rooms have an interesting ground plan, with separated
entrance which looks like a very convenient hall where you can hang your coats and leave your shoes. The best part for me was the bathroom which is separated from the ground floor by a few stairs. It is very modern and spacious, with a very nice view of the Rome rooftops. I really loved this detail. The bed is comfy and big enough, however be prepared to jump out of it quickly if you feel an earthquake early in the morning. Of course this excitement is not a part of Hotel Ponte Sisto’s regular offer – just keep in mind that Rome does shake a lot 😉




The reception is very bright, as it runs along a glass hall with a small terrace. There is a lot of space to sit and rest in comfortable sofas while waiting for a taxi or your Italian lover 😉

Hotel Ponte Sisto offers a quite rich breakfast, however you have to pay extra for some foods like bacon and eggs different styles. If you are not a morning person, I suggest you skip breakfast and have a brunch across the bridge in Cafe Meccanismo – a perfect spot for Illy coffee or some finger foods with wine for dinner. Italian cuisine is actually my favorite so you can imagine Rome was heaven for me, also in a culinary way. I can’t wait to go back!

Anda’s rate: 9 from 10

Bottom line: Our Rome trip was perfect in all aspects so I might be a bit bias when it comes to rating this hotel. I have to mention a slight noise from the street, which might be disturbing during summer if you are used to sleeping with your windows opened – so try to ask for a room not facing the street. And if you want a view, go for the high floor. But all in all, I can recommend hotel Ponte Sisto to anyone who wants a care-free vacation in the eternal city.

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Hotel Review: Boutique hotel Budapest (Budapest, Hungary)

Every time I visit Budapest, I choose a hotel close to one of the main bridges and steps away from the charming Vaci utca street. I stayed in Boutique hotel Budapest just for one night in February and the price was more than reasonable for this 4 star hotel.


Boutique hotel is also known as Zara Boutique hotel and it is conveniently located in So utca 6, just steps away from Vaci utca and a few steps further from the beautiful Liberty Bridge. The location is perfect for exploring Budapest on foot (famous Citadella is just across the bridge,and beautiful Budapest City Market Hall just around the corner) and shopping. The hotel is somehow hidden from the busy traffic so you can hardly hear any noise from the street.










I stayed in a double-bed room, which was relatively small but more than enough for what I needed. The bed was cosy, however the pillows were a bit high for my taste. They do offer two choices of pillows, but I am a bit picky when it comes to sleeping quality.

I was happy to see complimentary coffe & tea maker, as well as a big bottle of water, which is one of the perks if you are Expedia VIP member. The bathroom is rather small as well but very nice and modern, with basic free toiletries. The room also had a safe and enough space for the clothes. Wi-fi ran smoothly in the room as well as throughout the hotel.

Lobby and dining room

Hotel lobby is very modern, light and spacious. There is a nice bar with very comfortable seats and sofas where you can have your meetings or just relax with a glass of wine or coffee.

Beakfast room is stylish, with some unique paintings which are also available for sale. Food choice is good, I loved the variety of teas and fresh fruits (even thoug no pienapple, which I am a sucker for).


The check-in went smoothly, both receptionists were nice and their English was fluent. I was also happy to see that the cleaning staff had removed a rug from the floor of my room, as I asked them by email before my arrival. They obviously read emails 😉

Anda’s rate: 8 from 10

Bottom line: Boutique hotel Budapest is a very good choice if you are in the city for a short time, if you want comfort for a reasonable price and a central location. Just keep in mind that parking is a bit of a hassle – the hotel has it’s own garage, but with limited spaces and only for cars under 2 tons. Parking costs 25€ per day. If you come with a bigger car they will send you to a garage a bit further away, which is quite claustrophobic.





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Slovenes abroad: Janez, Auckland (New Zealand)

Janez greets me with “Kia Ora”, which means hello in local Maori language. He is a 28 old structural engineer living in Auckland, New Zealand. He moved there back in November 2014 to broaden his horizon and get experience in earthquake engineering. At the same time he was looking for a country with a good balance of lifestyle and career opportunities. New Zealand was apparently a place to be.

Kia Ora, Janez, why New Zealand?
Something in the back of my mind was telling me that New Zealand would fit my character best. After living here for the past couple of years I realized that I pulled a right decision. I had some positions lined back home, however I really didn’t want to regret not trying abroad first. As a structural engineer you take a lot of responsibility, so working for a minimum wage in Slovenia was a no go. Studying for so long makes you feel even worse. At the same time I wanted to go somewhere where I would have to start from scratch without knowing anyone there. You know, just to try and see if you will make it or fail badly.

Was the decision about moving to New Zealand hard to take?
Not really, because initially I thought I would be back in one year. Now it has been the third year running already. It is crazy how time flies. I wish I could have done it sooner, but it was not possible due to my study and running the Student Organization at the faculty. So I was on a flight to Auckland just a week after finishing my degree. And I literally packed just a couple hours before my flight 🙂

How did your parents accept it?
Well, they were a bit upset in the beginning, saying “Why the hell do you need to go to the end of the world, can’t you find anything closer?” Eventually they accepted it. They are kind of used to my crazy ideas all the time. But I have to admit it was much harder to say goodbye after I came home just for holiday a year later. Going abroad so far is a bit selfish decision and sometimes hard to face.

Is it true that you literally got a job the moment you stepped of the plane?
Well, almost – I landed on Friday and printed a couple of CV’s. On Monday I took the first one to the company which was nearest to my hostel. And their manager came along right at the moment when I was handling my CV over to the secretary. I got an interview right away and the rest is history – I am still working for the same company (KCL Engineering Services). It is kind of challenging going to work literally the next day, without even having a car or a place of your own. It is really hard to settle down if you have to work from Monday till Friday, especially as a beginner. So for about a month and a half I was living in a hostel because finding a room in a flat was a complete nightmare.

What was your backup plan?
I never really had a backup plan. I got a job so fast I didn’t even have time to be stressed. My savings would have probably lasted for a few months before I’d have to go back.

What was your first impression when you moved to Auckland?
Auckland is actually not the best place to live in New Zealand. I would prefer living somewhere out of town. On the other hand if you want to have a decent job with a decent salary, Auckland is the best option. But since you can’t have it all, Auckland is an acceptable choice when it comes to life style, outdoor activities and career opportunities.

Have you faced any negative experience, being a foreigner in New Zealand?
No, never! Kiwis are really friendly 🙂 They are used to tourists and backpackers travelling in New Zealand all year long. I actually met quite a few who knew about Slovenia, been there or have plans to go for a visit. Which is really nice to hear!

So what are Kiwis like?
They are much more chilled than any other European nation. People here don’t care about unimportant things. They consider their jobs to be “something what paying the bills” – they are not carier oriented like us. Maybe because the population of New Zealand is only around 4 million and the market is relatively closed since they don’t have any neighbours. And the foreign workflow is strictly regulated by issuing visas. 

Can you have a decent life with an average Kiwi salary?
Depends where you live. I have to say that living costs here are extremely high. If you want to have a decent house (like in Slovenia) it costs millions. Houses are typically built in timber and quality of construction is not as good as in Slovenia. For 700,000 NZD (around 400,000€) you only get a small tiny 2-bedroom house in Auckland. I really don’t know how people with an average salary and a few kids handle this. Luckily salaries in engineering are quite good at the moment and I can afford more than I could back home.

How do you spend your free time?
Weekends I spend with my friends travelling around New Zealand. We mostly travel around North Island seeking for some waves. I have probably visited more places in the North Island than an average Kiwi. I am away literally all the time. You know how long it took us to finish this interview 🙂

When is the best time to visit New Zealand?
Auckland is known to have 4 seasons in one day. The best time for tourism is summer, which is from mid-December all the way to Easter. Summers are usually really nice (not too hot) however winters are completely opposite and depressive. Everyone wants to escape winters here unless you live in the South Island where you get some snow. You also get burned easily. You can only get sunblock 30+ in the supermarkets. I never got burned in Croatian coast while here my nose looks like reindeer Rudolph all the time.

Let’s say I have 14 days to spend there – how should I organize?
You definitely have to fly to Queenstown which reminds a lot of lake Bled. Small town next to the lake with heaps of tourist and lots of adrenaline attractions around. Unfortunately all the main attractions are spread all over New Zealand so 14 days is never enough. Usually backpackers take 1 month for each island and it’s still tight. The most common way of travelling around New Zealand is with a campervan which is also a unique experience for exploring the new country.

What are top 5 things to see in Auckland?
Auckland by itself is nothing special. Most of the cool things can be found outside the Central Business Distrct, at least an hour drive away. I would recommend Piha beach, wine tour in Waiheke Island, Sky Tower, Mount Eden volcano and beaches on the east coast (Tawharanui, Forestry, …)

How often do you return home?
I would like to go back home on a more regular basis but unfortunately it takes you two days to get one way. Luckily this year a few friends are coming over as well as my sister. After going to South America in July I might stop in Slovenia for few days. It’s a long way and it’s a bit of a hassle spending your annual leave to visit Slovenia while there are still so many place to see.

What do you miss the most?
I don’t want to sound cheeky but Slovenian girls and my grandma’s cuisine are the things I miss the most 🙂

Typical food is kiwifruit, right? 😀
Hm… All the Kiwis would probably struggle with this question as well. They claim fish’n’chips to be their traditional food, although it is nothing spectacular… just fried fish fillet and some potato chips. One thing Kiwis like to do is having a barbecue at any time at any place. I dig that! Oh, and their Pavlova cake is pretty good.

Are there any Slovenians living near you, do you hang out?
Yeah, there are quite a few Slovenians living in Auckland. The community is so small that everyone knows everyone. I’m pretty lucky that I’ve met a few with the same mentality, which means that we often go away for the weekends together. I must admit I would be struggling pretty hard without having so many good friends here.

What do Slovene friends usually ask you about New Zealand? Are they jealous?
They often ask me about the living standards and how much can you afford with an average salary. Like you 🙂 Everything else can be seen through my blog, Instagram or Twitter profile. I often hear how awesome my life is. Well… I just go out and do things. From the end of November and all the way to June I barely spend a weekend at home. I bet you don’t know many freaks who are willing to drive one hour before work to get to the beach, surf for couple hours, and then drive back to the city. And repeat it after work. No one in Slovenia would ever do that… because it’s “too far” 🙂

Do you see yourself turning into a Kiwi or are your plans to return to Slovenia one day?
My heart will always belong to Šentjernej. Slovenia is a beautiful place to live and raise your family and people simply don’t appreciate that enough. They take everything for granted and you only notice that once you start travelling the world. At the same time I reckon Slovenia is one of the safest countries in the world. Unfortunately, career opportunities in structural engineering are reasonably limited. At the moment I’m really enjoying New Zealand however you never know what might happen. Will see… Ka kite!

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Slovenci v svetu: Janez, Auckland (Nova Zelandija)

“Kia Ora!”, me v lokalnem jeziku Maorov pozdravi Janez, 28-letni gradbeni inženir, ki se je v Auckland preselil novembra 2014. Po študiju se je želel utrditi na področju potresnega inženiringa, hkrati pa je iskal državo z ugodnim razmerjem med kvaliteto življenja in kariernimi priložnostmi. Je bila Nova Zelandija prava izbira?

Živjo Janez, tako mlad, pa kar v Novo Zelandijo? 
Ja, to sem jaz – vedno v akciji 🙂 Nekje v podzavesti sem čutil, da Nova Zelandija najbolj pristoji mojemu karakterju. Sedaj, po skoraj dveh letih in pol, odkar živim tu, lahko rečem, da sem sprejel pravo odločitev. V Sloveniji sem sicer imel nekaj priložnosti za zaposlitev, ampak so plače v moji branži trenutno relativno slabe. Kot gradbeni inženir prevzemaš veliko odgovornost za svoje delo, poleg tega je študij precej zahteven, zato delo za nizko plačo zame nikakor ni bilo sprejemljivo. Hkrati pa sem si želel iti nekam, kjer bom začel popolnoma “iz nič”, brez da bi kogarkoli poznal. Da vidim, ali mi lahko uspe, ali bom popolnoma zavozil.

Je bila odločitev res tako lahka? Nenazadnje je to skoraj na koncu sveta… 
Ni bilo tako težko, ker sem na začetku mislil, da bom ostal samo eno leto. Sedaj pa teče že tretje… res je noro, kako čas leti. Malo mi je žal, da nisem mogel tega koraka narediti že prej, ampak sem želel zaključiti študij, poleg tega sem imel obveznosti z vodenjem Študentske organizacije, tako da ni šlo. Sem pa sedel na letalo za Auckland en teden po opravljenem diplomskem zagovoru. Spakiral sem dobesedno nekaj ur pred letom 🙂

Kako pa so starši to sprejeli?
Hja, na začetku so bili malce razburjeni, v stilu “Ka s hudič na glavo pou?”, “Kuga ti je tega treba?”, “Celo Evropo maš tle, ti pa rineš na drug konc!”. Ampak na koncu so se sprijaznili, saj so vajeni mojih norih idej. Moram pa priznati, da se je bilo kar težko posloviti po tem, ko sem prišel na prvi kratek dopust nazaj v Slovenijo. Selitev na “konec sveta” je precej sebično dejanje, če gledaš z vidika svojih najbližjih – in včasih imam kar malce slabo vest.

In praviš, da si službo dobil praktično takoj, ko si stopil z letala? 
Ja, skoraj dobesedno. Pristal sem v petek, natisnil nekaj CV-jev in v ponedeljek prvega nesel v podjetje, ki je bilo najbližje mojemu hostlu. Srečno naključje je bilo, da sem ga tajnici oddal ravno v trenutku, ko je prišel mimo direktor. Takoj me je povabil na razgovor in ostalo je zgodovina – še vedno delam za isto podjetje, KCL Engineering Services. Je pa kar pestro, ko moraš praktično takoj v službo, nimaš pa še ne avtomobila, ne stanovanja. Tako da sem mesec in pol bival kar v hostlu, saj je bilo iskanje sobe prava nočna mora. Težko je najti nekaj primernega in se ustaliti, če delaš od ponedeljka do petka, hkrati pa se moraš v službi še dokazati.

Si imel kak rezervni načrt?
Hm, dobro vprašanje. Ker sem službo dobil takoj, nisem imel niti časa, da bi me skrbelo. Moji prihranki bi zadoščali za nekaj mesecev in če mi ne bi uspelo, bi šel pač nazaj domov. 

Kakšen je bil tvoj prvi vtis, ko si se ustalil v Aucklandu?
Auckland v resnici ni najboljša lokacija za življenje v Novi Zelandiji. Mnogo raje bi živel nekje izven mesta. Ampak če hočeš dobro službo za spodobno plačilo, je to najboljša izbira. Saj je v vseh večjih mestih podobno, vedno se je treba nečemu odpovedati. In če vzamem v zakup višji življenjski standard, karierne priložnosti in prostočasne aktivnosti, ki jih ponuja, je Auckland kar dober kompromis.

Kolikor vem, je Nova Zelandija zelo varna država. Kaj pa kot tujec, si imel kakšne negativne izkušnje?
Ne, kje pa, Kiviji so zelo prijazni. Domačini so navajeni turistov in popotnikov, ki jih je precej skozi vse leto. V bistvu sem celo srečal nekaj Novozelandcev, ki so vedeli, kje je Slovenija, ali pa so jo tudi že obiskali. Res fin občutek, ko slišiš kaj takega.

In kakšni so Kiviji v resnici?
Mnogo bolj so sproščeni kot katerikoli narod v Evropi. Ne sekirajo se za nepomembne stvari. Služba jim ni ravno prioriteta, niso toliko usmerjeni h karieri, kot Evropejci. Službo imajo zato, da “plačajo račune”. Ker so precej izolirani od sveta in nimajo sosedov, jih ne rabi skrbeti, ali bo dovolj za vse. Ves pretok delovne sile je zelo reguliran preko izdajanja viz. Eden izmed podjetnikov je nedavno nazaj rekel, da če želiš imeti zaposlenih 30 Kivijev, jih moraš v bistvu zaposliti 40. Ker 10 jih sigurno ne pride v službo tisti dan zaradi različnih izgovorov… počila guma, zbolel ali pa se enostavno sploh ne prikaže 🙂

Se da s povprečno plačo spodobno živeti?
Odvisno od tega, kje živiš. Stroški v Aucklandu so zelo visoki. Če želiš spodobno hišo, gredo zneski tudi v milijone. Hiše tu so večinoma narejene iz lesa in kvaliteta gradnje je slabša kot v Sloveniji. Za 700.000 NZD (približno 400.000€) dobiš manjšo hišo z dvema spalnicama. Ni mi jasno, kako si lahko par s povprečno plačo in dvema ali več otroci tu privošči spodobno življenje. K sreči so plače v gradbeništvu trenutno zelo dobre, kar v mojem primeru pomeni, da si lahko privoščim več, kot bi si doma.

Kako preživljaš prosti čas?
Čez vikende potujemo s prijatelji po Novi Zelandiji, največkrat po North Islandu “iščemo valove” za surfanje. Praktično vsak vikend sem naokoli in raziskujem nove kotičke. Upam si reči, da sem verjetno obiskal več krajev kot povprečen Kivi. Saj vidiš, koliko časa sva rabila, da sva sestavila tale intervju 🙂

Kdaj je najboljši čas za obisk Nove Zelandije?
Auckland je poznan po tem, da ima lahko 4 letne čase v enem dnevu. Sicer pa je najboljši čas za obisk poleti, torej od sredine decembra do Velike noči. Poletja so večinoma zelo prijazna (ne prevroča), medtem ko so zime, vsaj na North Islandu, popolno nasprotje – že skoraj depresivne. Na South Islandu je malo bolje, ker imajo vsaj sneg. Sicer pa lahko zelo hitro dobiš opekline od sonca – je namreč tako močno, da v trgovinah ne dobiš kreme z zaščitnim faktorjem pod 30. Naprimer, na Hrvaškem me sonce nikoli ni opeklo, tu pa je moj nos večinoma rdeč kot zrel paradižnik.

Reciva, da imam na voljo 14 dni za obisk – kako naj se organiziram, da bom videla čim več?
Definitivno moraš obiskati Queenstown, ki spominja na Bled – gre za majhno mesto ob jezeru, kjer mrgoli turistov, ponuja pa številne atrakcije, tudi za adrenalinske odvisnike. Žal pa so glavne stvari, ki jih je treba videti, precej razpršene po Novi Zelandiji, zato 14 dni praktično ni dovolj. Popotniki si večinoma vzamejo po 1 mesec za vsak otok (North in South Island, op. AA) in tudi to je precej “na knap”. Najpogosteje se potuje z avtodomi, kar naredi raziskovanje dežele še toliko bolj zanimivo.

5 najbolj zanimivih stvari v Aucklandu?
Auckland sam po sebi ni tako zanimiv. Najboljše stvari se najdejo vsaj uro vožnje iz centra. Za ogled bi priporočal plažo Piha beach, vinsko pot na otoku Waiheke Island, Sky Tower, vulkan Mount Eden in pa plaže na vzhodni obali (Tawharanui, Forestry, …).

Kako pogosto se vračaš domov?
Žal ne toliko, kot bi si želel, saj potovanje samo v eno smer traja dva dni. Na srečo me je letos februarja obiskala sestra, kasneje pridejo še nekateri prijatelji. Julija načrtujem dopust v Južni Ameriki in če bo le priložnost, se bom “ustavil” doma za nekaj dni. Ne glede na to, kako rad imam Slovenijo – moj prosti čas je vendarle omejen in toliko stvari je še za videti drugod po svetu…

Kaj najbolj pogrešaš?
Slovenska dekleta in babičino kuhinjo 🙂

Tipična novozelandska hrana so kiviji, ane? 😀
Hm… verjetno tudi Novozelandci nimajo enoglasnega odgovora na to vprašanje. Večinoma pravijo, da je njihova tradicionalna hrana “fish’n’chips”, čeprav to res ni nič posebnega. Pač ocvrta riba in pomfri. Skupno jim je predvsem to, da zelo pogosto pečejo zunaj, na žaru, in to mi je zelo všeč. Pa tudi njihova torta “Pavlova” je kar okusna.

Je v bližini tebe kaj Slovencev? Se družite?
Ja, v Aucklandu je kar nekaj Slovencev. Je pa slovenska skupnost tako majhna, da se praktično vsi med seboj poznamo. Na srečo sem našel kar nekaj prijateljev s podobno mentaliteto, s katerimi preživim večino svojega prostega časa – torej na vodi ali ob vodi. Moram priznati, da bi mi bilo brez tega precej težje.

Kaj te prijatelji največkrat vprašajo? Je čutiti kaj ljubosumja? 
Večinoma jih zanima, kak je življenjski standard in kakšne so plače. Tako kot tebe 🙂 Vse ostalo lahko spremljajo na mojem blogu, Instagram in Twitter profilu. Večkrat slišim, kako super se imam. Kaj naj rečem, grem pač ven in uživam. Od konca novembra do junija me čez vikende praktično ni doma. Stavim, da ne poznaš prav veliko “norcev”, ki bi se zjutraj pred službo peljali eno uro do plaže, tam nekaj ur surfali in šli nazaj v mesto, delat. In popoldan ponovili vajo. V Sloveniji jih ni. Ker v Sloveniji je vse takoooo daleč 🙂

Kakšni so tvoji načrti glede vrnitve? Bi lahko kmalu postal pravi Kivi?
Moje srce bo vedno v Šentjerneju. Slovenija je čudovita in ponuja dobre možnosti za življenje in ustvarjanje družine. Poleg tega je tudi med najvarnejšimi državami na svetu. Ljudje tega preprosto ne znajo ceniti – in to vidiš šele, ko greš malo po svetu. Žal so zame  v Sloveniji, vsaj trenutno, karierne možnosti zelo omejene, poleg tega pa na Novi Zelandiji resnično uživam, tako da … Ne vem, bomo videli 😉 Ka kite!

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