Hotel review: Jolly Beach Resort & Spa (Bolans, Antigua)

We chose Jolly Beach Resort & Spa for our first visit to the beautiful Antigua island. We wanted an all-inclusive option for a hassle free vacation, but we knew we would be traveling around a lot, so we didn’t want to pay a fortune for it. Despite very mixed reviews on Tripadvisor, Jolly Beach Resort & Spa with officially 3 stars turned out to be a very good compromise for what we needed.


The resort lies on Jolly Beach, which is indeed one of the most beautiful beaches of Antigua. The transport from the Airport takes around 20 minutes by car (let me point out that the roads in Antigua are a big headache, especially during the night when you don’t see all those huge holes and canals). I’d say the location is more than convenient if you want to visit St Johns and go around the island.

Just before the entrance of the resort there is a Jolly Harbour Marina with all the necessities you need for those “just in case” moments: a very big and well stocked supermarket with rather normal prices, a pharmacy, some souvenir shops, internet café, restaurants and, in case you fall in love with Antigua, a real estate agency with rental and buy-sell options.

The rooms

I booked Jolly Beach Resort & Spa via and honestly, I didn’t notice the catch with “supersaver” rooms. I went for the cheapest room with an ocean view and only later found out that these rooms are very small. I wasn’t completely sure about my reservation details and I could have checked whether that was a misunderstanding, but I just didn’t care. We came in very late and all we wanted was a good sleep. The bed was comfy and since we knew we would practically use the room only to change, shower and sleep, we didn’t want to complicate. However, if you want more space and if you come for 14 days, I do recommend you take a normal room.

The bathroom was very tired, so was the other furniture, but again, that didn’t bother me much. After all I didn’t come to Antigua to watch TV and get interior décor ideas. If you are picky, you can choose among 5 other accommodation options – you can check them here. Or you can always go and pick a four or five star hotel 😛


My first impression of the main dining area was quite shocking. Even though I am not a luxury traveler, I am still used to a certain standard when it comes to this issue. The place looks cheap as hell and the choice of food looks even cheaper. But when you get used to the atmosphere and taste the fish choices, you will highly likely loosen up. Breakfast choice is always the same but with still quite a lot of things to choose from – for vegetarians and meat lovers. The story with lunch and dinner is almost the same: soup (different every day and always very delicious!), choice of fish or meat, risotto (different styles and very good) and of course the classics like French fries, burgers and desserts. It may sound boring but it is not, trust me. There is a “chef’s” night once per week, in our case that was Thursday, when they serve food outside and make some special efforts.

What I strongly recommend is to try at least one of the 3 special restaurants for dinner, which you have to reserve one day ahead (every morning for the next day): Seafood, Indian and Italian. We only tried the Seafood one and it was totally worth it. You can chose from the menu and they serve you all the way. Even the wine is much better than in the main restaurant. Just a reminder: for the Italian restaurant you have to pay 20$ and need to wear long trousers, no flip flops and no T-shirts. An unnecessary fuss if you ask me.

All-inclusive offer

Besides the food in the main restaurants your neon yellow bracelet also allows you to eat at the pool grill (hot dogs, burgers, fries) from noon to 5 pm, so in case you miss your lunch, you are still well taken care of. There are 2 main bars with free local drinks, however getting a drink there seems like a lottery. The waiters are very ignorant and slow, even if you tip them. This is probably a big minus in high season, especially if you are not a person with A LOT of patience. I have read and heard guests complaining about this issue but it just doesn’t seem the hotel management wants to handle it.

There are 2 pools in the resort, one with loud music and day animation like aerobics, dancing lesions, bingo and similar stuff, and another one in more quiet area, both large enough to have a decent swim. It is also well taken care of sports enthusiast – from table tennis and pool tables, to beach volley and a very well equipped fitness studio.

I am not sure why the resort is named Jolly Beach Resort & Spa, because from what I saw, the spa is nothing worth bragging about. From the outside it looked very small, not to mention the killer prices which were a big turnoff for me. I mean who would pay 100$ for a facial in a 3 star hotel, especially after seeing the whole picture. The massages were around 80$, which is almost twice as much as I paid in Maldives last year.

Besides the already mentioned animation at the pool, there are also live music, karaoke and some dance performances every night.


Another could-be-issue for an internet addict like myself: there is no free Wi-Fi in the rooms. When I checked the hotel, it said “free Wi-Fi” but I it didn’t say where… However, I decided this was a bliss, so I could actually enjoy my vacation. It’s all just a matter of perspective 😉 You can get all the Wi-Fi you want in the lobby, where the signal is great, everything worked well.

Anda’s rate: 7 from 10

Bottom line: It is true what most of the reviews say about Jolly Beach Resort & Spa: you have to go there with an open mind. It is a 3 star hotel and having an all-inclusive option in Antigua is very convenient, considering the high prices in tourist areas. However, if you have experienced something similar for example in Dominican Republic, Jolly Beach resort could be a small shock for you. But if the Nagging Lady Anda enjoyed and survived it without any scratch (meaning no official complaints), it sure can’t be that bad 😉

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Slovenes abroad: Rajko, New York (USA)

Rajko moved to USA in September 1995, first to Upton, a small town in Massachusetts, about 30 minutes west of Boston. 6 years later he moved to Miami for a year and a half and then to New York, where he has been living since 2002. He lives on Long Island, about 100 km from New York City.

Hi, Rajko. How’s my favorite city in the world doing these days?

NYC is great. It truly is the best city in the world. The Manhattan vibe is always upbeat and positive, full of energy, everywhere you look. It is very private, in terms of being lost in the crowd of thousands and at the same time you are never alone, no matter what hour of the day.

I will skip the »Why New York?« question – it seems an obvious choice, if you are ambitious and want to go all the way. Am I right?

Well, some people come to NYC because they like the life style and exciting opportunities around every corner; great restaurants of any cuisine you can imagine, museums, Broadway, great night life, especially for young people. Many others, like me, are here for work, that is true. There are endless opportunities in the city if you are good at what you do and willing to work hard and many hours.

Was the decision to move hard to take?

Not at all. Look, I’m from Trzic. Even we, the local people from Trzic, say it is a hole. I traveled quite a lot before, first with our dance group and later for work, thus I saw opportunities beyond the borders. As a matter of fact it was travelling that made me aware of the upcoming collapse of the industry in Slovenia. I took a job that made me travel to Brazil, Taiwan, China, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Indonesia, all in two years, from 1993 to 1995. That was too much even for me, so asked the company to move me to USA. They agreed so I packed my things and sent them to the new place as if I was never going to return. My moto is whatever you do, do it 100%.

What is the process of integration in the US, I imagine you start with arranging a working visa?

For me it was easy. The company I worked for arranged the working visa and 6 months later I received a Green Card. That is not the case anymore these days, it is much more complicated and lengthy process.

What was the most positive surprise for you, after moving across the Atlantic?

How easy everything was here. People were very warm and friendly. The roads were big and well lit, with great signs, so after the first weekend I already felt like I had been here for a year. What surprised me was that you can negotiate prices on a car, furniture, etc., which I took full advantage off.

And what was the hardest part?

Not having the family and old friends around. Making friends is not easy here. No matter how friendly people are, they have their own longtime friends, they have families and you somehow just don’t fit in. Here in New York people, including myself, are simply too busy to make any kind of deep friendships. Moving around as much as I did, didn’t help the situation.

Is it hard to get a job in New York?

Yes and no. If you are good at what you do, companies will compete for your services, especially in fashion and financial sector. There is of course a big competition with many candidates for every job. Entry level jobs, for a minimum wage, are always available – you can see signs “Help Needed” everywhere. With a settled legal immigration status it is not difficult to get a good job. Americans like foreigners because of our great work ethics.

I know the costs of living in America’s biggest cities are quite high, can you afford to live comfortably with an average US salary?

Yes, the living is very expensive. The average salary in USA is about $43,000 per year. Of course it is adjusted to the cost of living in the area, thus it is much higher in NYC where the entry level office job in a bigger corporation starts at about $35,000 per year after you pay taxes. That doesn’t get you very far in the city – the rent under $1,000 per month practically doesn’t exist.

Many people live outside the city and commute, like I do. We chose to live on Long Island to have a bigger house and some land around it.

I know the traffic can be a headache in NYC, how do you handle it?

The NYC and suburbs traffic is a nightmare and something that I really dislike. If I went to work by car at the usual hours (7:00 AM and back from 5:00 to 6:00 PM) it took me about 3-4 hours each way. So I rather drive to the local train station, the train ride is about 1 hour and 20 minutes and then I walk. All together it still takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes each way. It’s a killer.

It is the same in all major cities. And NYC is not even the worst city to commute.

Healthcare – currently a big issue in Slovenia. Is it really that expensive to get sick in the US?

True, it is crazy expensive. If you work, you most likely have an insurance from your company but you still have to contribute $5,000 – $10,000 extra if you have a family. If you are single, then it is mostly paid in full by the employer. If you have to pay health insurance by yourself, it costs over $20,000 per year for a family and that still doesn’t cover all cost.

Without insurance, your better don’t get seriously sick. Any kind of surgery will cost $10,000 and can go into numbers with more zeros… However, I have to say that the service is great. You don’t have to wait for anything and everything is available.


What about the situation around the Trump Tower, since we Slovenes got our “first lady”? 🙂

All quiet on the western front. Just like every other euphoria, this one didn’t last very long. The majority of Americans still don’t want Trump as their president, the other half still hates Hillary. There is however a very strong resentment to the proposal that Melania will stay in NYC. People don’t want the daily circus and the expenses, which will definitely add to the financial burden for the residents of NYC.

And every American knows our country now, right?

Well, definitely more people know about Slovenia now. Many know it from newspaper articles presenting the beautiful places we have. In general I get many compliments of the beauty of Slovenia. But I don’t think they look at Slovenia any differently than they did before Melania “happened”.

Seriously, what is the general opinion about Melania?

She is not liked. She married a billionaire who has a shady past with women, so she is regarded as a gold digger, which is OK in the Wall Street world, but not for the first lady in the White House. Then there was her speech, which was a plagiarism of the worst degree, and showed really low class. She is not liked at all, especially among educated people.

Is there any Slovene community in NYC?

There is. The center is the church of St. Cyril in downtown Manhattan. There is a mass every Sunday and on major Catholic holidays in Slovene. I go there from time to time but not too often. It is far and difficult to manage into kids’ sport schedules, which are practically every weekend.

How often do you travel to Slovenia?

I go home twice a year. Last time it was there in December. Normally I come for a long weekend, Thursday to Monday, but every two years I bring the whole family and we stay for a week or 10 days. It’s too bad we don’t have any direct flights but they’d probably be much more expensive. Recently I discovered that it is a lot cheaper if you buy separate tickets, i.e. NY to Frankfurt and then Frankfurt to Ljubljana, instead of NY to Ljubljana via Frankfurt. It is at the end the same flight but you save some serious money.

What has in your opinion changed in Slovenia, since you moved?

Cities are much better kept. The facades are new and most of the buildings are renovated. There are more highways and you don’t have to show your passport every 30 minutes when you come to the border. On the down side it is the collapse of manufacturing industry. Many factories have closed, lots of business has been lost. However, it still seems that most people are better off. Just like in US, everyone has the latest model of the phone and other gadgets. Cars are everywhere. I’m not sure if my impression is correct but I hope people are better off now.

I know what my top choices are, but let me hear it from a local point of view – top 5 things to do or see in NYC?

This is the hardest question to answer, sorry I can’t do only 5:

  1. Museums: Metropolitan, Natural History, The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum…
  2. Statue of Liberty
  3. Central Park
  4. Top of the Rock at sunset
  5. Empire State Building
  6. Macy’s – the biggest store in the world
  7. Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge
  8. Food, food, food….

And your top 5 places in the East Coast?

Boston is my favorite city in US. It is small, with a heart of a town and there’s the great North End with great Italian food. Then Miami Beach with some of the greatest beaches in the world, Florida Everglades, Washington DC, a historical place with so much to do and to see and Niagara Falls.

Is there anything you miss about Slovenia?

Mountains, hiking, family and friends. I miss the slower pace and getting together on the fly, without any major planning…

Do you get any visits from your Slovene friends?

I have not had any friends visiting yet. I guess it is too expensive for them to travel to the States. My relatives did come to visit and they loved the shopping. We have some stores where you can buy good quality products inexpensively. 🙂

Are you planning to stay in the US for good?

Yes. I got used to the life style. I have to admit that I got a bit spoiled in the land of plenty.

Let me finish with my US headache: American coffee. Do you get used to it eventually? Where should I go in the NYC if I want a great Italian cappuccino?

One gets used to the “pear soup”, which is what I called American coffee when I came to the USA. You just have to figure out what you like. Any good Italian restaurant will have a good cappuccino but they’re not open for breakfast. Best hotels serve a good one and of course in Little Italy, which is your best bet.

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Slovenci v svetu: Rajko, New York (ZDA)

Rajko živi v ZDA že od leta 1995. Najprej ga je pot vodila v Upton, manjše mestece v državi Massachusetts, ki leži 30 minut zahodno od Bostona. Po 6 letih se je preselil v Miami, kjer je živel leto in pol, leta 2002 pa se je ustalil na Long Islandu, približno 100 km iz mesta New York, kjer ima službo. Verjetno ne rabim posebej poudarjati, da mi gre strašansko na živce. V pozitivnem smislu, seveda 🙂

Ejga, Rajko, kako kaj “moj” New York?
New York je fantastičen. Resnično je najboljše mesto na svetu (zavist premaknem še v višjo prestavo, op. a.) Utrip Manhattna je vedno živahen in nabit s pozitivno energijo, kamorkoli se ozreš. Po eni strani se v njem lahko izgubiš v množici, kjer te nihče ne pozna, po drugi strani pa nisi nikoli sam, ne glede na to, ali je dan ali noč.

Preskočila bom klasično vprašanje »Zakaj New York?«, saj se mi zdi, da odgovor že poznam. Gre pač za mesto, kjer enostavno hočeš biti, če si ambiciozen in željan uspeha. Imam prav?
No, nekateri pridejo v NYC zato, ker jim je všeč tak življenjski stil – življenje v metropoli, ki ponuja presežke na vsakem koraku: številne odlične restavracije, nakupovanje, muzeji, Broadway in pa seveda razburljivo nočno življenje, še posebej za mlade. Številni pa s(m)o tu zaradi dela, res je. Mesto ponuja neomejene možnosti za uspeh, če si dober na svojem področju in seveda pripravljen res trdo in veliko delati.

Je bila odločitev o selitvi »čez lužo« težka?
Niti najmanj. Glej, sem iz Tržiča. Še Tržičani mu pravimo luknja. Sicer sem veliko potoval že v mladosti, najprej s plesno skupino, kasneje pa poslovno, tako da sem se dokaj hitro zavedel možnosti, ki jih ponuja tujina. V bistvu so mi ravno potovanja odprla oči, da se slovenski industriji ne piše dobro. Zato sem sprejel ponudbo za službo, v kateri sem v samo 2 letih prepotoval skoraj pol sveta – od Brazilije, Tajvana, Kitajske, Dominikanske Republike, Portorika, Madžarske, Italije, Portugalske, do Indonezije. To je bilo tudi zame enostavno preveč. Zato sem izrazil željo, da se preselim v ZDA, za bolj stalno delo. Delodajalec se je strinjal in ostalo je zgodovina. Spakiral sem praktično čez noč, poslal vse svoje stvari na novi naslov, z namenom, da se nikoli več ne vrnem. Sem namreč mnenja, da če želiš biti v nečem dober, se moraš predati 100%.

Kaj pa proces integracije v Ameriki – predpostavljam, da se začne s pridobivanjem vize?
Zame je bilo lahko, saj so mi v službi uredili delovno vizo in 6 mesecev kasneje sem že dobil t. i. Green Card (dovoljenje za stalno bivanje). Sedaj ni več tako enostavno, ti procesi so mnogo bolj zapleteni in predvsem dolgotrajni.

Kaj te je najbolj presenetilo po tem, ko si se preselil na drugo stran Atlantika?
To, kako je vse preprosto. Ljudje so zelo topli in prijazni. Ceste so široke, dobro osvetljene, z odlično signalizacijo, česar pri nas (vsaj takrat) nismo bili vajeni. V bistvu sem se že po prvem vikendu odlično znašel. Presenečen sem bil tudi nad tem, da se lahko pogajaš pri nakupu avtomobilov, pohištva in podobno… kar sem, »Gorenc«, seveda dodobra izkoristil 🙂

In kaj je bilo najtežje?
To, da ob sebi nisem imel družine in prijateljev. Sklepanje prijateljstev tu ni ravno lahko. Kljub temu, da so ljudje zelo prijazni, imajo večinoma že nek zaključen krog prijateljev in svoje družine, tako da se enostavno ne moreš vklopiti. Poleg tega smo, še posebej tu, v NYC, preveč zaposleni, da bi imeli čas za nova poznanstva in bolj pristne vezi. To, da sem se vmes še 3x preselil, mi seveda pri tem ni bilo v pomoč.

Je težko dobiti službo v New Yorku? Ali, bolj natančno, na Manhattnu?
Ja in ne. Če si res dober v tem, kar počneš, te podjetja hitro najdejo in te snubijo, še posebej v modnem in finančnem sektorju. Je pa seveda konkurenca velika, saj dobrih kadrov ne manjka. Začetniki lahko vedno dobijo službo za minimalno plačo – povsod namreč lahko vidiš napise »Help needed«. Če imaš urejen status bivanja, potem ni težko dobiti vsaj povprečno dobre službe. Američani namreč cenijo tujce, ker imamo večinoma dobre delovne navade.

Splošno je znano, da so življenjski stroški v večjih mestih zelo visoki. Ali si sploh lahko privoščiš spodobno življenje s povprečno ameriško plačo?
Res je, življenje tu je zelo drago. Povprečna ameriška plača je okoli 43.000 dolarjev letno (tu se vedno govori o letnih zaslužkih). Seveda se številke spreminjajo glede na območje, kjer živiš – recimo v NYC je začetniška plača okoli 35.000$, po tem, ko odšteješ vse davke. Seveda pa s tem na Manhattnu nimaš kaj početi, saj najemnine za stanovanje pod 1.000$ praktično ne obstajajo.

Večina ljudi zato živi izven mest in se vozijo na delo tudi po več ur. Mi smo se odločili za Long Island, ki je od Manhattna sicer oddaljen okoli 100 km, ampak imamo zato lahko večjo hišo z nekaj posestva.

Ko sva že pri tem, kako se spopadaš z Newjorškim prometom?
To je pa nočna mora in nekaj, kar mi je res trn v peti. Če se peljem v službo ob običajnih urah, ko je promet najgostejši (torej zjutraj okoli 7h in popoldan okoli 17-18h), sem na cesti lahko tudi do 4 ure. Zato se raje odpeljem do lokalne postaje, od koder vožnja z vlakom traja 1 uro in 20 minut, nato pa grem še nekaj peš. V optimističnem scenariju pot v eno smer traja uro in 50 minut. Ubijalsko.

Ampak tako je v vseh večjih mestih. In New York sploh ni najslabši na tem področju.

Medtem, ko je neurejen zdravstveni sistem v Sloveniji vedno bolj vroča tema, se tolažimo, da je zdravstvo v Ameriki neprimerno dražje. Si sploh upaš zboleti?
Res je, zdravstvo tu je noro drago. Če si zaposlen, ti zdravstveno zavarovanje po navadi plača delodajalec, vendar če imaš družino, moraš še vedno prispevati med 5 in 10.000$ letno. Če moraš zavarovanje plačati v celoti sam, so stroški vsaj 20.000$ letno za celo družino, pa s tem še nisi pokril čisto vsega.

Brez zavarovanja pa bolje, da ne zboliš huje. Katera koli operacija te stane vsaj 10.000$ in številke hitro dobijo še kakšno nulo zraven. Je pa res, da so storitve odlične in nikoli ti ni treba čakati v vrsti.

Greva še k bolj aktualni temi – kako je s situacijo okoli Trumpovega stolpa na Manhattnu, odkar smo Slovenci dobili »svojo« prvo damo? 🙂
Kar se volitev tiče, se je situacija že bolj ali manj polegla. Tako, kot vsaka druga evforija, tudi ta ni trajala dolgo. Večina Američanov še vedno ne želi Trumpa za predsednika, druga polovica pa še vedo sovraži Hillary. Je pa precejšnje neodobravanje glede tega, da bo Melanija ostala na Mahnattnu. Ljudje ne želijo vsega tega cirkusa, poleg tega pa seveda vedo, da bo finančno breme stroškov, ki jih ta njena “muha” prinaša, slej ko prej padlo nanje.

In seveda zdaj vsak Američan ve, kje je Slovenija, kajne?
No, definitivno je zavedanje o Sloveniji precej večje, kot je bilo pred volitvami. Večina ljudi je za Slovenijo slišala prek medijev, iz člankov, ki predstavljajo predvsem naše turistične znamenitosti. Zadnje čase prejemam kar veliko pohval v smislu, kako lepo pokrajino imamo. Ampak ni pa zdaj to neka sprememba, da bi Američani gledali na Slovenijo drugače, odkar se je »zgodila« Melanija.

In kakšno je splošno mnenje o Melaniji?
Ni ravno najboljše. Poročila se je z milijarderjem, ki ima zelo sumljivo preteklost z ženskami, zato ljudje nanjo gledajo kot oportunistko. Kar je sicer čisto sprejemljivo za Wall Street, ampak nikakor ne za prvo damo v Beli hiši.

Potem je tu še tisti nesrečni skopirani govor, ki je bil resnično »low class« udarec. Lahko rečem, da Melanija nikakor ni priljubljena, še posebej ne med izobraženimi ljudmi.

Je v New Yorku kakšna slovenska skupnost?
V downtownu Manhattna je cerkev Svetega Cirila (the church of St. Cyril), kjer je maša vsako nedeljo in ob večjih katoliških praznikih, v slovenskem jeziku. Včasih se je udeležim, a ne prav pogosto, saj je kar daleč in jo težko uskladim z vsemi športnimi aktivnosti mojih otrok, ki se dogajajo praktično vsak vikend.

Kako pogosto se vračaš v Slovenijo?
Dvakrat letno, nazadnje sem bil v Sloveniji decembra. Običajno pridem za podaljšani vikend (četrtek – ponedeljek), na vsaki dve leti pa pridem z družino in ostanemo za teden do 10 dni. Škoda je, ker nimamo direktnih povezav, je pa res, da bi bile te verjetno precej drage. Pred kratkim sem ugotovil, da je celo ceneje, če kupim ločene karte NYC – Frankfurt in Frankfurt – Ljubljana, kot da bi vzel povezan let. V bistvu dobiš isti let, ampak prihraniš kar precej denarja.

Kaj se je po tvojem opažanju spremenilo v Sloveniji, odkar si odšel?
Mesta so mnogo bolj vzdrževana. Fasade so nove, zgradbe so večinoma vse prenovljene. Več je avtocestnih povezav in ni ti treba več kazati potnega lista »vsakih 30 minut«. Na drugi strani se je zgodilo tisto, zaradi česar sem Slovenijo zapustil – propad industrije. Veliko tovarn se je zaprlo, veliko poslov je (bilo) izgubljenih. Je pa vseeno vtis, da ljudje živijo bolje. Tako kot v ZDA, imajo skoraj vsi najnovejše različice telefonov in ostalih »gadgetov«. Praktično vsak ima svoj avtomobil. Ne vem, če je to pravi občutek, ampak upam, da je ljudem res bolje kot pred 20 leti.

Da slišim od »lokalca«, katerih 5 stvari mora videti ali doživeti vsak turist v NYC?
To je pa najtežje vprašanje, ne bo šlo samo s petimi:
1. Muzeji: Metropolitan, Natural History, The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum
2. Kip svobode
3. Central Park
4. Top of the Rock at sunset
5. Empire State Building
6. Macy’s – največja veleblagovnica na svetu
7. Sprehod po Brooklynskem mostu
8. Hrana, hrana, hrana…

Tvojih 5 najljubših krajev na vzhodni obali ZDA?
Boston je moje najljubše ameriško mesto. Kljub temu, da je veliko mesto, ima nek domač utrip, še posebej mi je všeč predel North End z odlično italijansko hrano. Potem je tu Miami Beach s čudovitimi plažami, Floridski park Everglades, Washington, ki je bogat z zgodovino in pa Niagarski slapovi.


Ali kaj pogrešaš Slovenijo?
Pogrešam hribe, gore, pohodništvo, družino in prijatelje. Pogrešam tudi malo počasnejši utrip, več spontanosti v smislu, da se enostavno dobiš s prijatelji, brez pretiranega planiranja.

Te prijatelji iz Slovenije kdaj obiščejo?
Razen sorodnikov še nisem imel nobenega starega prijatelja na obisku. Karte niso ravno poceni. So bili pa sorodniki navdušeni nad nakupovanjem. Imamo kar nekaj trgovin, kjer lahko dobiš kvalitetne izdelke priznanih znamk po ugodnih cenah 🙂

Nameravaš ostati v ZDA?
Ja, moram priznati, da sem se kar razvadil na življenjski stil v tej »deželi obilja«.

Za konec pa še malo za šalo, malo zares. Ali se sploh kdaj navadiš na tisto ameriško brozgo, ki ji rečejo kava? 🙂 Kje na Manhattnu lahko dobiš »pravi« kapučino?
Jah, se navadiš na te »juhe«, kot sem jim včasih rekel. Pač ugotoviti moraš, kaj ti najbolj paše in potem nekako gre. Dober kapučino lahko dobiš npr. v boljših hotelih in pa v četrti Little Italy, vendar italijanske restavracije običajno niso odprte zjutraj, za zajtrk.

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