Hotel Review: The View hotel at Monument Valley (Utah, USA)

Imagine that Monument Valley was something you’ve always wanted to see. Now imagine searching “where to stay in Monument Valley” and these words appear on your screen: “The view from each guestroom at The View Hotel is unlike anywhere else in the world. It is worth a journey from across the US or from the other side of the world.” And finally, imagine yourself not booking a room there. CAN you, seriously? Me neither!

Monument Valley has been on my bucket list for a while, and since I wanted to stay as close to the park as possible, there was no doubt in my mind. I booked 2 nights at The View hotel and here is my detailed review.


The View hotel is located in Utah, in the heart of Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. These are 2 separate entities, which means the park entrance fee is not included in your hotel reservation. In other words, to access the hotel, you need to drive into the park and pay 20 $ fee (per vehicle, up to 4 people). You probably came to Monument Valley for a reason, so this shouldn’t be an issue. We stayed in the hotel for 2 nights and the fee was valid for both days. The hotel offers plenty of free parking space.

The Property

The property of The View hotel includes 3 accommodation options. First, the 3-star hotel, which is located centrally in the same building as the reception and Trading Post. Located less than 300 meters from the park entrance, you can basically “walk in” there from your room. We did take this privilege once and went for a short hike. However, I still recommend to use your car for the Monument Valley scenic drive. The View hotel also features a fitness room, which was unfortunately closed due to covid-19.

Second option are The View Premium Cabins, which offer a bit more privacy because they’re located in a more secluded area. Each cabin has a private porch that overlooks the valley. I’m not sure about the rates, but they are definitely worth checking out. Third option is The View Campground which offers RV and Wilderness camp sites for the more adventurous types.

The Rooms

The View hotel does promise “the view” from each room, but I was still expecting some kind of a catch. You know, like when they say “sea view” and you need to break your neck to spot the blue behind the bush? Well, rest assured, there is no small print when it comes to the view itself. I literally dropped my jaw when I opened the curtains and saw the iconic Monument Valley buttes in front of me. Seriously, show me a person who hasn’t said “wow” after stepping onto the balcony and the beer is on me!

We stayed in a 2-queen bed room in the 2nd floor. The room was spacious and the beds were really comfortable. It came with a coffee/tea maker and a microwave, which is always handy, especially when there aren’t many restaurants and groceries around. Flat screen TV was also there, I think. Because who really cares about the TV when you can watch National Geographic scenery from your balcony? Free Wi-Fi on the other hand, was definitely appreciated for my Instagram updates! 😀

Breakfast and dining options

We stayed at The View hotel during covid-19 pandemics, which means the rules were a bit different and the restaurant was closed. What a pity, indeed! We got a simple prepacked breakfast each morning, together with coffee, collected at the Trading Post. The Trading Post itself is also worth seeing, even if you are not a hotel guest. It displays a wide selection of American Indian Art, memorabilia of Monument Valley, and souvenirs of Hollywood movies shot on the location.

Good to know

At last, but not the least, The View is a non-smoking hotel (much appreciated!) and smoking is only allowed in designated areas. Pets are not allowed in the hotel, but I did see a few cute dogs running around, so perhaps they are allowed at the cabins. Or, they were just furry guests on the way to see the Monument Valley Park.

Anda’s rate: 10 from 10

Bottom line: If you want to witness the glorious Monument Valley sunrise from your balcony, staying in The View hotel is your best bet. Also, you will save some time driving, if you want to wake up early for sunrise photography in the park. The hotel rooms are comfortable, spacious and well maintained, the staff was very friendly and we loved every moment of our stay.


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