Things to see in Brisbane, Australia

If you are thinking of visiting Australia, you will probably want to see Brisbane, the capital of Queensland and one of the oldest cities in the land down under. Not only has it got the benefits of any large city, but the weather is amazing, the people are friendly, and you can still experience much of the beauty offered by Australia’s natural world. You basically can’t go wrong with the so called ‘River City’, and in this post you will find 4 things to see in Brisbane, if you only have limited time to explore:

1. Brisbane Botanical Gardens

Nature lovers will definitely want to see Brisbane botanical gardens which are located just outside of Brisbane. It covers 52 hectares and whilst there are plenty of tours and events put on by those who work there, you can also take a peaceful look around this amazing place by yourself or with friends. A variety of beautiful plans from all over the world could keep you busy for a few hours. The entry to Brisbane botanical gardens is free!

File:Brisbane City Botanic Gardens lawn.jpg

2. Brisbane river cruise

There is no better way to see Brisbane than by water. To explore Brisbane from a boat, you have two options: either you go high end with private yacht hire, or stick to the basics with a regular cruise. However you choose to do it, enjoy the weather, and the sites of the River City from the water, and use this opportunity to see and photograph Brisbane’s skyline in all of its glory. If you really want a unique experience, look into Brisbane river cruises that depart at night, and see the lights of the city reflect onto the water. 

3. Check out the nightlife

Brisbane has a great reputation when it comes to nightlife, and you can’t take a trip to Australia without partying with the locals. There are plenty of bars jam packed with live musicians, whether you’re into soul and jazz or you’d prefer a bit more of a bassline. They know how to party here, so finish the night off right if you want to experience everything that the city has to offer.

File:Brisbane CBD and Brisbane River views from Bowen Terrace 02.jpg

4. Go to a festival

Brisbane has many festivals throughout the year, such as Brisbane Festival in September. Around a million people go to the festival each year, and it includes a variety of theatre, music, dance and circus events. They profess that their aim is to help inspire a new way of thinking, so if you happen to arrive around this time period, then don’t give it a miss.

So, there are many exciting things to do in Brisbane, and this list would go on into infinity. But the best way to experience any city is to get out there, and see it for yourself. If you’re planning on going to Brisbane, have a great time, and let me know what else I need to see when I’m there!

(collaborative post; photo source: wikimedia)

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