AirPod Sleeping Pod Ambassador

Whether I am traveling on business or for pleasure, my biggest challenge is to find the perfect combination of the price and time to reach my final destination. Because time is money and wasted time is the most expensive. Therefore, I always carefully check the details of my connecting flights and I am ready to pay some extra money to make the layover shorter. Unfortunately, that is not always possible – either there are no alternative options or the price for the shorter transfer time is ridiculously high. So, there I am, stuck at the airport, sitting in that uncomfortable chair, drinking that awful coffee and counting the minutes that I have left until my free Wi-Fi session expires …

And then one day I meet a guy who starts talking about something that looks like an airport capsule. He shows me a photo of a private space that you can rent while waiting for your connecting flight. A space where you can enjoy limitless Wi-Fi or watch TV in a comfortable chair which even stretches into a bed so you can take a nap. A space where you are isolated from the airport noise, allowing you to fall asleep. A space which wakes you up when your flight is ready to board. A space which is called AirPod Sleeping Pod. Hell yeah, this is exactly what I need!

Somehow one thing led to another and now I am really proud to announce that I have become the Ambassador of the AirPod Sleeping Pod project. You can see my opening statement in the video below 😉 This is actually just the beginning because the project is now set to launch. There will be a lot of interesting things going on in the next few days, so make sure you follow their Facebook account and let me know how you like the idea! 😉

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