How to “Travel with Anda”

In this post I will share some information about my travel habits so that you know what to expect from my travel blog.

Tips for consuming my travel blog
  1. My blog is not in any way influenced by a third party so my reviews and recommendations are based exclusively on my own EXPERIENCE.
  2. Although my income is above average (I don’t have kids and my dog doesn’t eat much), I am always RATIONAL WITH SPENDING my money – whether it is for business or pleasure. That doesn’t mean I am on a low budget: I usually pick 3 – 4 star hotels, I always fly in economy class, I use Uber when possible and I own quite a few loyalty cards from different airlines and shopping malls.
  3. I usually travel as a COUPLE so I do have to adapt to my partner’s needs from time to time. Fortunately he knows that it is best to indulge me, but sometimes I let him chose the destinations, trips or activities. And I usually don’t regret them.
  4. When I travel on BUSINESS, I don’t have much time to explore but I always try to organize my schedule to make the most out of my visit. I usually squeeze everything into one day and I am lucky to have wonderful business partners who know about my passion, so they take care of me well.
  5. I don’t mind staying on sandwiches all day, as long as I EAT and that the food is healthy. (Yep, sandwiches can be healthy too!) I am however picky when it comes to breakfast and COFFEE. You won’t find much “where to eat” tips in my blog, but I will tell you where to get a good Illy cappuccino.
  6. I have had my share of crazy parties in my life so I usually don’t look for that when I travel. You won’t find NIGHTLIFE suggestions in my reviews. If you do happen to see me in a night club in the evening, the drink is on me!
  7. I do love NATURE and WILDLIFE so this is my main travel focus. I always search for hidden places, fabulous beaches, lakes and waterfalls, and I am ready to climb on the top of the hill for a spectacular view.
  8. I am also fond of ARCHITECTURE so you can easily spot me upside down in front of skyscrapers, monuments and other HISTORICAL BUILDINGS.
  9. SHOPPING is one of my favorite sports, especially in the USA. Let me put it this way: I need to buy something every 3 to 4 days. And magnets don’t count.
  10. All of the PHOTOS in my travel blog are made by or owned by myself and are not allowed to be used for any other purposes unless I specifically allow you too. You can always find additional photos on my Facebook page or in my Instagram account.

You are welcome to PARTICIPATE in my posts with your comments and questions, as long as you keep them within my tolerable level. Which means don’t swear more than I do, don’t argue with my choices and reviews without a bunch of hard evidence and don’t promote your own business unless you pay for it.

Now let’s all start spending some money and have a lot of fun while doing it. After all travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

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