5 reasons to move abroad for work

Almost every time I travel abroad, I ask myself how it would be if I moved there. In the past, my idea was moving abroad for work, at least for a year or two. I even got a few interesting job offers, but I decided to stay in Slovenia for various reasons. Lately, I’ve been thinking about moving abroad just for a couple of months per year to work remotely. If I was a bit younger, this would have happened sooner or later. Let’s look at some benefits of moving abroad for work.

Moving to another country is a big challenge for anyone. If it is a part of a career move, it can be even more daunting. Despite that, taking a leap of faith and exploring what the world has to offer could end up being one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

1. Higher paying jobs

Let’s be honest, we all work for money, unless we were born rich AF. If you are young and want to get on your own feet sooner than later, check countries with higher average salaries. In Europe, for example, countries in Scandinavia and Central Europe lead the way. There is of course everyone’s favorite neutral country, Switzerland – their average salary sits at a staggering £71,596. On the other hand, higher standard usually means higher costs of living, so do your homework well.

2. Lower taxes

A very popular reason to move, mostly for those, who already earn the big bucks, is lower taxes. There are a number of countries that are popular among individuals and businesses looking to relocate for tax reasons. Some of the most popular destinations for tax purposes include Monaco, Switzerland, Andorra, Cyprus, and Malta. Dubai used to be very attractive as well, I am not sure how things are there now.

3. The chance to learn a foreign language

Moving abroad to learn a foreign language can be an incredibly effective way to improve your language skills. Immersing yourself in a language and culture can provide a unique opportunity to practice speaking in real-world contexts. Additionally, living in a foreign country can help you develop cultural competency and gain insights into local customs and tradition. Learning a new language also raises your employability, especially if the company you work for has more global offices.

4. Better self-awareness and emotional maturity

Anyone who’s been working for more than a few years will tell you that it’s not just your professional abilities which need to be improved on, but also your “soft skills”. Six separate studies of 1,874 people found that there was consistent evidence that living abroad increased self-awareness, allowing participants to better understand their own lives and, as such, overcome both personal and professional hurdles without as much resistance.

5. Meeting new people and find the love of your life

The main reason for me not to move abroad in the past, was that my significant other already exists. However, if you are single, moving abroad increases the chances to expand your social circle and meet new people with similar interests and values. Additionally, being in a new environment can provide a fresh start and a new perspective on life, which can be attractive to potential partners.

Have you considered moving abroad for work at any part of your life? Did you do it? What were the pros and cons? Scroll down and share them with us in the comment.


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