Hotel review: Villa Milas (Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

When we decided to visit Mostar on our short Balkan road trip in May, it was really a last-minute decision. We literally sat in our car, checked the weather in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the same day (yes, we crazy people drove from Slovenia to BIH for around 8 hours!) and booked the hotel in Mostar during the first coffee break. This is definitely NOT what I usually do because I am a control freak who wants to sleep in the best possible location and get the most out of her money. But I am also known to be lucky from time to time and hotel Villa Milas has proved to be a very good choice.


Hotel Villa Milas has a perfect location: it is situated on the main road, opposite of the entrance of the old town (less than 500 meters away), and still far enough to have its own parking space, which comes for free if you book it upfront. While GPS should do its job just fine, you can also search for the highest church tower in town – it belongs to Saint Peter and Paul Monastery which is quite impressive.


Rooms are really nice, it seems like they were recently renovated, which is quite important in BIH because a lot of people tend to smoke inside of public places (like the lobby for example). I really hope they will adapt EU non-smoking rules there soon. The bed was a bit smaller as I had hoped for (they advertised “large bed” but it was actually just a queen size), yet quite comfortable. I also loved the fact that there were no carpets on the floor, and the bathroom is very cute too. Toiletries were basic, but this is a 3-star hotel so no hard feelings.


On the other hand, breakfast was more than you could expect from a 3-star hotel in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A great choice of healthy stuff like teas, fruits, yogurts and cereals, and also the standard yummies like eggs, cheese and ham. Breakfast room is located in the cellar so the cigarette smoke from the lobby doesn’t get the chance to reach it.


There is also a bar in the lobby, quite cozy (again, it is a smoking area), however if you are in Mostar, you definitely have to get out and enjoy every moment of it. The guy at the reception was very helpful with showing us everything on the city map, so you should be good.

Anda’s rate: 8,5 of 10

Bottom line: There were other reasonably priced options with river and old bridge views, but we rather decided to stay a bit away from the hustle and bustle – hotel Villa Milas was a very good choice. After all, when you finish your dinner in one of the numerous restaurants in the old town, it feels good to stretch your legs a bit.

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