Hotel Review: Athens Gate Hotel, Athens (Greece)

I traveled to Athens in November 2015 for a short business trip. Since this was my first time to visit Attica, I wanted to make the most out of it by choosing the hotel next to the old city center. Honestly, I didn’t have any idea where the historic sites were located so when I checked the Athens map, I was pleasantly surprised that I could actually book a hotel with a view of the famous Acropolis.  I knew that I would only have a couple of hours for sightseeing so I narrowed my options to hotels within 1 mile from the hill. There were some 5 star options within my budget but none of them seemed to have it all. Until I spotted the photo with a perfect view from Athens Gate hotel terrace.

Booking adventure

I booked Athens Gate hotel through Expedia where it was marked with “+VIP access”. Expedia has rated over 2.000 hotels with “+VIP access” based on consistently good guest reviews, which means you will most likely get high standard of service. And if you have a special Silver or Golden status some benefits like free Wi-Fi, free breakfast or similar. I saw on the hotel web page that they offer rooms in different sizes, with different views, however I wanted to stay within my normal budget when traveling on the company’s expense. (I am probably the only one clapping now, right?) So I chose a Standard Single room, no view, which costed about 80€ per night, breakfast included. However, being a little resourceful, I left a note to the hotel (Expedia always encourages you to leave a note with special requests, but of course with no guarantee that the hotel will be able to indulge you), stating my Golden Elite Plus status and asking them if they could get me a room with “Acropolis view”. Can’t blame a girl for trying, right?

The location

If you are not in a hurry and you are traveling light, you can reach Athens Gate hotel with a metro or a bus (costs 5€), going to Syntagma Square. The hotel is about 800 meters away, so you can actually reach it on foot from there or take a taxi (another 4-5€). The other, more convenient way of arriving is by taxi with a flat* daily rate of 38€ (or 50€ by night) in one direction. (*flat rate means you pay the same amount from the airport to any hotel in Athens).

Only after arriving to the hotel I was really convinced that I couldn’t have chosen better location. As taxi passed by the Panathenaic stadium and Temple of Olympian Zeus, I was excited like a child and when we stopped at the hotel 2 minutes later I knew I was at the perfect spot. Even better – lively Plaka area with numerous restaurants and Acropolis Museum are literally just around the corner.

The roomAthens Gate hotel room

If you were wondering how my “Acropolis view” request ended up, I warn you – you might get jealous. Not only did I get the perfect quiet room with a dazzling view of the majestic ancient citadel, I also got a basket with a fine Cabernet and snacks with the compliments of General Manager. Compliments to you, Mr Yiannis Adamantopoulo!

The room had everything I needed. It was very clean, with a small balcony so I could enjoy the beauty of Acropolis hill in the morning, at sunset and in the night, surrounded by the lights. The bed was soft, with a choice of different pillows and the minibar was well stocked as well.

Dining pleasure

I knew the hotel offers great views from the terrace but in reality it is even better. The view of the Temple of Olympian Zeus from the 8th floor while eating breakfast is unbelievable, especially if you are lucky with the weather and eating outside. Breakfast choice is rich, with a variety of cereals, cold & hot dishes and eggs any style. The terrace also offers a magnificent view of Acropolis on the other side (this is the one that made me book Athens Gate hotel in the first place) and I can easily imagine someone proposing over a candlelight dinner up there. (khm, khm, to whom it may concern…)


The hotel also offers a nice lobby bar where you can have business meetings or rest while waiting for a taxi. And that pretty much rounds their facility offer. Unfortunately they don’t have any fitness room or a pool, which I am sure would be very attractive for tourists, visiting Athens in high season. I can imagine it can get hot like hell there in July and August. I know the investment hardly pays off, if you cannot use the pool year-round, but perhaps at least a small Jacuzzi… on the terrace… with Acropolis view… awwww 🙂

Anda’s rate: 9 from 10

Bottom line: I can recommend Athens Gate hotel without any hesitation. It represents a perfect spot for all your Athens activities and I wouldn’t be surprised if the statement on their web page, saying “Our 8th floor bar offers the 4th best roof top view in the world, according to TripAdvisor” was true. It will surely stay very high in my book.



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