Heading to Perth? Here are some useful tips.

When the time finally arrives to head to a destination that you’ve been excited for “since forever” you want to make the most of it. You’ve booked your time off from the office, and set your our of office reply to ” currently unavailable” mode.  Your camera is ready for your adventures and enormous pile of books is packed for the evenings and relaxation. Your hotel/apartment is booked, you’re going to (or have already) hire a car from Burswood Rentals, and you can’t wait to start sightseeing. So, you are heading to Perth and your vacation is already going to be fantastic – but how do you upgrade it?

Skip the basic tours and explore on your own

Okay, yes, tours can be a lot of fun. You get to meet new people, uncover cool things in a group, and generally get an excellent grasp of the area. However, sometimes you are wedged on a tour bus, can’t sit near the window and you are constantly waiting for someone … You’d do better to go by public transport or hire a car. Aussie locals are super friendly, and if you get lost, you’ll simply need to ask someone – they’ll be happy to help.


Taste local food

You can get such a deep feel for a place by eating the local cuisine and this is actually one of the richest parts of traveling. If you have an apartment or Airbnb instead of a hotel room, you can even go a little further than that. To experience the local food, you can head to the markets, and buy the fresh produce and cook for yourself too. It is a good idea to check out some food blogs for the area, and see if you can stop by some of the highly recommended places. Moreover, it is always worth sampling street food too. It is one thing to eat while you travel; it is another to eat with local knowledge.

Plan ahead and book up

No one wants to spend their travel time in queues waiting to get into somewhere or buy a ticket. It takes up time that could otherwise be spent enjoying the art exhibit or experience. As soon as you know where you want to visit start booking tickets. Typically the early morning is best for things that are usually heavy with foot traffic from tourists. You can find lists of free attractions for Perth too – which can help you plan your time better, and save some cash too. 

File:Elizabeth Quay February 2016 (cropped).jpg

Hotel or Apartment?

Many people are put off by the cost of an apartment, but the perks are tremendous. Apartments will give you a lot of freedom and usually come in a more significant range of locations than hotels. For example, you can generally find apartments in more residential areas, which will give you a more rounded idea of the culture in the area. Also, as mentioned in the ‘food’ section – you can bring market produce back to cook for yourself.

Hotel food can be great, but the chances are you’ll be eating out a lot more and adding a chunk of cash to your overall spend. An apartment is usually better for those who often travel and write a blog or live a more digital nomad lifestyle too. They have kitchenettes, desks, usually a larger bathroom and excellent cleaning and concierge options. 

However, it is all about the experience that you are hoping to have. Perth is great for exploring and will work for anyone who loves sun, sea, sky and a wealth of culture and heritage. 

(collaborative post, photo source: wikipedia)


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