Hotel review: House Spacapan – Špacapanova hiša (Komen, Slovenia)

Slovenia’s Karst region is known for its culinary delights, especially for its autochthonous red wine Teran and air-dried ham, called Prsut (Pršut). There are many guesthouses spread throughout the region, however the best ones are often booked far in advance during the season, from late May to early September. House Spacapan (originally in Slovene language: Špacapanova hiša) is known for its hospitality and culinary reputation so we chose to stay there during one of our “Slovenia weekend-escapes”. Location Guest house Spacapan is located in a small Karst town Komen, very close to the beautiful Stanjel castle which is “a must” visit for all architecture and nature lovers. Komen is really small and since Spacapan restaurant lies practically on the main […]

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