Hotel reviews


Hotel reviews

Whether I travel for business or pleasure, I always take price performance into consideration. No matter how high the budget is (actually the right word is low but high sounds so much better), I do have 3 things on my priority list:

  1. the place must have Wi-Fi (if it is free, even better),
  2. non-smoking rooms (or better yet non-smoking floors),
  3. and convenient location, preferably with a parking space.

If I am on a road trip and I only need to spend the night, I don’t mind sleeping in a cheap (but neat) motel, while I am far pickier on a romantic vacation. On my business trips breakfast choice is a must. You can’t negotiate on an empty stomach, right?

Each time I travel to the same places, I usually stay in a different hotel, for various reasons. Either the prices change during the season, or I need more convenient location for the meetings … and sometimes just for the fun of it. In worst case because my previous choice was a mistake. Which is usually very rare since I always check other travelers’ reviews first.

You will find Anda’s rate in the end of each hotel review: it means the rate within the hotel/motel/resort category. So theoretically a 2-star hotel can get a better rate than a 5-star one. But you have to consider the ratio. So if I rate a 5-star hotel with 7, in reality that still means it is much better than a 2-star hotel, which gets rated with 9. I don’t like 2 star hotels but if I have to spend the night in one of them and if they exceed my expectations … or if the receptionist is super sexy … they can actually get a 10 in my book!

So this was a short intro for you to get the feeling what to expect from my hotel reviews. You won’t find Burj Al Arab or Branson’s Necker Island here, but on the other hand you also won’t catch me in a tent or a recreational vehicle. Although never say never. So stay tuned!

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