Classical advertising is still a must (I’ll never reject a nice shiny banner in my blog, as long as it fits in my personal beliefs), but in the end people need to trust your product or service before they make their final choice. And trust comes with references from people who they trust or look up to. If you don’t mind, I will avoid using the word “influencer” here (don’t you just hate it?) – instead let’s rather talk about collaboration with a positive experience. Because this is what I offer to my readers in my travel blog: I add a personal touch to different destinations, trips, accommodations, means of transport and other travel related products and services.

Mostly I write in English, to make sure that my posts reach as many people as possible. But on top of that I sometimes adapt and translate my posts to be published in other media, such as lifestyle magazines, daily newspapers and internet pages. You can check some of my media coverage examples here.

My readers come from 87 countries, 60% of them are from Slovenia, my home country, and all of them are quite interested in what I have to say. I know that because more than 50% of them are frequent users. Visitors from UK come second (10%), USA third (7%), Russia fourth (4%) and United Arab Emirates in fifth place (almost 2%). Interesting mix, wouldnโ€™t you agree?


  • Tourist agency (Turistiฤna agencija)
  • Paris Tourist office
  • Barcelona Tourist office (Barcelona Turisme)
  • Lisbon Tourist office
  • Starline Tours
  • Big Bus Paris
  • Big Bus Rome
  • City Sightseeing Athens


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