5 common excuses people make for not travelling more

Have you ever wondered what is it about travelling that inspires people to leave their homes and explore the far corners of the globe? I believe travelling changes people for the better – it helps them discover and even reinvent themselves. Journeying across continents is an exhilarating and richly rewarding experience, one that shouldn’t be put off . The tourism industry is booming with nearly four trillion pounds being spent on the travel sector every year. In fact, there’s never been a better time to see the beauty of the world for yourself, and all the excuses you’ve been making to postpone your travel dreams are just not good enough.

Are you passionate about travelling, but always have an excuse not to take the leap? Here are some of the most common excuses people make for not travelling more and I’ll tell you why they are simply not true:

1. “I can’t afford to travel”

This is by far the most popular excuse people have for not buying that ticket and allowing their dreams to pass them by. But the average person spends too much money on things they don’t need. Deciding to focus your efforts and budget on your personal happiness will free up cash you spend on keeping up with other people. This will allow you to direct your savings towards a cause you actually care about, like travelling.

Also, all travelling experiences don’t have to revolve around five-star restaurants and luxury resorts. Travel according to your means – start with countries that are cheap to travel in (like Cambodia), hunt for discounted airline tickets and consider cheaper accommodation options.

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2. “I’m too busy with my career”

Oh, really? Travelling (too much) won’t interfere with your career. If anything, it will change the way you work towards your goals and shape how you define your successes in life. In fact, the most productive people are those who take frequent breaks to revitalise themselves. Working long and hard can deplete your productivity, and even short holidays can go a long way in helping you restore your energy and motivation. So if you don’t even have two weeks every year to enjoy the pleasures of travel, then you just might need to press pause and evaluate your life choices. After all, you only have one life!

3. “I don’t know another language”

Wherever you go, you’re sure to find someone who knows at least a little bit of English. I mean, you watch English movies, and you do know a few words, right? Plus, with so many incredible apps out there, there really is no reason why this excuse should still be valid in 2019. Many of today’s apps can help you translate words, signs and even whole sentences that will help you converse with the locals effectively.

4. “Travelling is too dangerous”

Oh please… travelling is not so different from crossing the street. Even the best destinations can be dangerous, but you can be safe as long as you’re smart. In reality, the world is not as terrible as the media would have you believe. And for every scammer and thief on the roads, you’ll find generous and helpful locals who would be happy to point you in the right direction. You just need to pick up some street smarts and use common sense just like you would back in your own neighbourhood. The most important thing is to research your destination as much as possible before you arrive. You can also ask the hotel or hostel you’re staying at for advice and if there are any areas in the locality you should stay away from. And if you are affraid of flying – you should read my interview with a pilot – it has helped a lot of peopole, even my mom 😉

5. “I can’t travel by myself”

I admit, I am very lucky here, I almost never travel alone, unless I do it on business. Which is actually a challenge too, if you come to a completely new country. However, solo travelling is one of the most popular travel trends out there right now. And if you’re a healthy adult, then why wait for someone else to start enjoying your life? Travelling is the perfect way to interact and make friends with people from around the world. Besides, you never have to live by another person’s itinerary when you’re travelling alone. You get to make your holiday as exciting or peaceful as you want it to be. But if travelling alone doesn’t sound appealing to you, you can always book a tour company and go travelling with a group of people.

So, how does it sound? Have I convinced you? Which is your main reason for not traveling more? Scroll down for comments! 😉

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