3 reasons to visit Perth Mint

Australia is a land of many wonders, ranging from the ancient tropical rainforest of Daintree (the oldest tropical rainforest in the world) to the Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock, and much more. But it’s not just the breathtaking natural landmarks of Australia that are worth a visit. The city of Perth is a city rich in history, and with plenty of its own attractions and allures. Out of all the historical and natural landmarks to see around the city, there is one place that you should definitely put on your list when visiting Perth. Perth Mint is a premier tourist destination giving visitors the rare opportunity to discover the magic of gold through unique combination of attractions, exhibitions and live demonstrations. Here are just a few reasons why you should contact Bayswater Car Rentals, get yourself down to the city of Perth, and visit Perth Mint.

It’s got a rich history

The Perth Mint was originally established in the late 1800s by Royal decree of the Empress Queen of England, Victoria. The discovery of gold in Western Australia triggered an enormous goldrush, with hundreds of thousands of prospectors making their way into the wild to begin mining, in the pursuit of vast riches. The Mint was incredibly productive, and churned out over 106 million gold sovereigns before the gold standard was abolished in 1931. A major part of the history of this part of Australia – and in fact, of Australia in general – has to do with the Western Australia goldrush, and the Perth Mint. A visit to the Perth Mint is, therefore, a visit back through history, and the Mint museum has plenty of informative exhibits to highlight this fact.

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It still serves an important role today

Today, Western Australia is the world’s second-largest producer of gold, and the Perth Mint is responsible for processing all of Australia’s gold output – amounting to over AU$15 billion annually. The Perth Mint isn’t just a historical site. It’s an active facility, that performs an important function, and that has a great degree of historical continuity from past to present. Visiting the Perth Mint, therefore, is a significant experience on multiple fronts, and is not likely the kind of experience that you’ll be able to replicate easily in other places.

It contains interesting exhibits for all ages

The Perth Mint is full of breathtaking exhibits, including the second-largest gold nugget in the world, and the purest gold ever assayed by the Royal Mint, as of 1957 – in the form a gold plate rated at 999.999 purity. The Perth Mint includes informative displays and fun exhibits for all ages, including a live gold pouring demonstration which runs several times a day, and a machine that allows you to calculate your weight in gold. Many child-friendly travel locations risk being boring for parents, and many of the kinds of sites that parents might want to see, risk being boring for kids. At the Perth Mint, however, there is every reason to think that the whole family will find something to enjoy and be impressed by. Another good reason to put Australia on your bucket list, don’t you agree? After all, gold has a pretty amazing ability to mesmerise 😉

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