Hotel review: Jeeva Santai Villas (Lombok, Indonesia)

After spending 4 amazing nights in Jeeva Beloam beach camp, we were excited to visit another member of “Jeeva” family in Lombok – Jeeva Santai villas in Mangsit. To be honest, I was hesitating with my reservation until the very last moment, deciding also between Qunci villas, Puri Mas resort, Katamaran hotel or Jeeva Klui villas, but my gut told me to go with Jeeva Santai. After the terrible Lombok earthquake some of these resorts were badly damaged, however Jeeva Santai villas managed to stay intact and safe. So once again I got a confirmation that I have to listen to my inner voice more often 😊 I pre-booked the villa online and you can get 15€ off your next booking by using this link (you are welcome 😉 )



Jeeva Santai villas property is located in the beginning of Mangsit town, just a short motorbike or taxi drive away from tourist center Senggigi. Taxi drive will only cost you 1$ so really no big deal even if you want to go there twice a day. Mangsit is much more quiet compared to Senggigi (this also means not a lot of shops and restarurants nearby), so if you prefer privacy this is the place to be. The ride from Lombok airport takes around 90 minutes, and the resort offers one way complimentary transport. The location itself really depends on what you want – it is close to Gilis and some beautiful beaches like Nipah and Setangi, however if you want to explore the central Lombok, you will probably want to check locations closer to the capital Mataram. But you will need a vehicle for that anyway… 

The Villas

OH. MY. GOD. The villas already looked amazing in the photos but in live they were fantastic. Jeeva Santai resort hosts 14 villas with pools, hidden discretely behind the walls, offering you a complete privacy. So let’s get nakeeeeed!

The villas are very spacious, with separate bedroom, bathroom and some kind of “rest area” where you can have some dinner or observe your wife/girlfriend releasing her inner child and making handstands in the pool. Speaking of children, this is adults only property – please respect this rule, as it can be very awkward for everybody if you show up with “oh, just a small kid”. Adults only means adults only for a reason. Apart from the bathroom there is also an outdoor shower, which is very convenient if you want to rest in your private “pool bed” outside.

Restaurant – breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner

The beachfront restaurant Sunset Terrace at Pearl’s is located in 2 floors and it offers spectacular views to the islands of Bali. Breakfast is served as “all you can eat” from a la carte menue (with yummy fresh choices of juices and smoothies), and it is really energizing to start your day looking at the ocean, enjoying the eggs of your favorite style. In the afternoon they serve complimentary tea and coffee, and they also add some fresh fruits or cookies aside. Thank you, Bruno Mars (the waiter), for a lovely company!

The beach and the pool

With private pools, who needs to get wet outside, right? Well, almost. I still like to get salty in the ocean. The beach is not as fantastic as it was in Jeeva Beloam, but it is sandy and very clean. To be honest, this was my main concern when watching the pictures, but in the end it turned out to be better than I expected. The 25 m infinity pool is quite large, with enough sunbeds and natural shade to rest in. And, if you are lucky, you can get a fantastic view of Mt Agung (Bali volcano), taking a bath in orange-red colors of the Indian ocean at the sunset. Mostly the skies are cloudy in the afternoon, so I felt like I had hit the jackpot one more time.

Anda’s rate: 9,5 from 10

Bottom line: Staying in Jeeva Santai Villas is something I will never forget. The architecture is amazing, and obviously the construction is solid enough to survive several earthquakes. The staff is too kind and everything was perfect. The only thing I would change is the glass door in the toilet – come on, who wants to share his intimate moments with his or her significant other, right? 😉

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